Broadband Case Study - Collingwood, Victoria

Residents of a new multi-level residential apartment project at 24-28 Stanley Street Collingwood will be able to enjoy blistering fast internet connectivity provided by Lightning Broadband.

Collingwood, Melbourne Broadband

The Gurner development is seven stories and features 40 apartments, with ground level reserved for commercial businesses.

Being such a sought-after location (just a few kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD) and given the nature of the development, all of the apartments were snapped up within 48 hours of being made available in 2015 – well before construction even commenced.

An added bonus for these savvy investors has been the integration of super-fast broadband services.

Lightning Broadband is providing connectivity via a point-to-point link from another of its apartment broadband projects in Cambridge Street, Collingwood – around 240 metres away from the Stanley Street site. The Cambridge Street building is also a Gurner development.

The installation will also be of benefit to other. Surrounding homes and businesses within a one kilometre radius and in line of sight of the building will be able to access the service, which offers upload and download speeds of up to 200 Mbps depending on the plan chosen. All Lightning Broadband plans also offer unlimited data.

A Great Value Add – With Zero Capital Outlay

Location plays a crucial role in attracting apartment buyers, but so too does fast connectivity in what is becoming an increasingly high-tech world. Lightning Broadband can help developers make their buildings really stand out from competing projects.

“One of the very attractive aspects for building developers and body corporates in choosing Lightning Broadband’s technology is there’s zero capital outlay and no costs involved with ongoing maintenance,” says the company’s director, Daniel Birner.

“Whether a building is under construction or it’s a retrofit scenario, we also go about installation in a way that involves zero disruption to workers and residents.”

The Collingwood installation is Lightning Broadband’s fourth apartment building internet connectivity project in Melbourne, with others in the pipeline.

Lightning Broadband’s services can contact the company on 1800-4SPEED or via this contact form.

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