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Your Lightning Broadband Service

Connecting with Lightning Broadband means signing up for premium service! We have a range of high-speed internet and telephony plans to suit all needs.

What speeds can I get?

  • As an FTTB/P customer, the sky’s the limit! Your fibre-backed connection can provide any of the speeds advertised, from 25/25 Mbps up to 500/500 Mbps. Check out this page for full plan details and refer to our FTTB/P FAQ for further information.
  • Our Fixed Wireless technology can provide speeds of up to 1000/1000 Mbps! To find out what speeds are available at your property please submit your address or refer to our Fixed Wireless FAQ for more information. You can view our residential fixed wireless plans  here.
  • For retrofitted buildings, a connection speed available to all residents will be agreed as part of the proposal. Refer to our Retrofit FAQ for more details.

What speeds do I need?

  • Our introductory plan of 25/25 Mbps suits 1-2 users, where usage is largely recreational (mainly used for emails, news and browsing with occasional video streaming).
  • Our 50/50 Mbps plan is suitable for 2-3 users and is advised as a minimum if streaming 4K video content.
  • Where significant cloud-based activities, video conferencing, and/or gaming is concerned, speeds of 100/100 Mbps and upwards are advised.

These are just guidelines - to discuss your individual needs, and identify which plan is right for you, speak with one of our Customer Support Team members today on 03 9089 0515. 

How much data do I get?

All our plans offer unlimited data, so go wild!

What are the typical evening speeds I can expect?

At Lightning Broadband we manage our own network and will provide your chosen plan speeds at all times, regardless of how many of your neighbours are watching Netflix or using Zoom!

Is the IP address static?

Yes, all services provide a static IP address.

Can I have more than one static IP address with my service?

Yes, additional IP addresses are available, please enquire for pricing.

Can I have a phone service with Lightning Broadband? 

For as little as $10 per month, you can enable a VoIP Phone service as part of your Lightning Broadband connection. You can transfer your existing number as part of the service activation if you wish, or we can assign you a new number. 

For more information about this service please visit this page or find answers to your questions in our Voice FAQ section.

What email communications will I receive from Lightning Broadband?

We issue invoices, and subsequent payment confirmations via email each month, as well as notifications relating to service disruption. You will also receive key information when signing up for our services such as your Customer Portal and connection credentials via email.

If you are a current customer and are not receiving these, please check your junk/spam folder. If you believe the email address we have on file is incorrect please call our Customer Support Team on 03 9089 0515 to have your email address updated.