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Router Basics

Router requirements explained and questions answered. Get connected wirelessly with your Lightning Broadband service.

What is a router?

A router is a device that connects to the wall port in order to provide you with your internet connection, allowing multiple devices to connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi (refer to our Wi-Fi FAQ to learn more), or physically using an Ethernet/LAN cable. 

What type of router is compatible with Lightning Broadband services?

Any router that has a WAN/Internet port on the back (or NBN compatible routers) can be used with Lightning Broadband services. An Ethernet cable is required to connect your router to the active Lightning Broadband wall port.

If you are purchasing a router, we advise dual band Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5 Ghz Wi-Fi) with a WAN/Internet port able to process 1 Gbps speeds.

What router does Lightning Broadband supply? 

As part of our Network Support Bundle, we provide the Netcomm Wireless NF18ACV. which comes preconfigured (set up and ready to go), with 24 months warranty and troubleshooting from our Australia-based support team. It is also VoIP compatible for those wishing to use VoIP phone services, is not locked to our service only, and is yours to keep. 

Want it installed by one of our friendly technicians?
Purchase our Network Full Set Up Bundle and enjoy personalised connection of your router and devices. 

Can I use my own router?

Yes, you are more than welcome to use your own router. To be compatible with our services it requires a WAN/Internet port and cannot be locked to another provider’s service. If you choose to use your own hardware it is your responsibility to configure the device. We will of course provide you with your unique connection (PPPoE) credentials, which you will need to do this, and basic instructions that may help guide the process. Check out our Router Setup FAQ for further general instructions on how to configure a router.

Can I use a router from another provider?

Potentially yes, however some providers will lock the hardware so it only works with their services, in this case unfortunately the router will not be compatible with Lightning Broadband services.

The best way to confirm this is to get in touch with the provider directly and ask. You may also have been using a different kind of technology with a previous provider, so make sure the router has a WAN/Internet port on the back.

I have purchased a new router and need my connection/PPPoE credentials to configure it, where can I find these?

Your specific connection credentials were provided in the 'Let's get you connected!' email sent out on payment completion. They can also be found in your Customer Portal by selecting Broadband > Service Options > Router Configuration.

Can my router affect my speeds?

Yes, your internet speed can be affected by the processing power of your router. You may also want to check your router manufacturer's website for firmware updates, instructions for updating your firmware should be in the router manual.

If you have a Netcomm Wireless NF18ACV, please see the video on our Router Set Up FAQ for guidance.

I have factory reset my router, what should I do?

By factory resetting your router you will have removed the configuration that enables the router to receive your internet connection. Please refer to our Router Set Up FAQ for instructions on how to reconfigure it.