Superior Broadband Services In Richmond And Cremorne, Victoria

If you’re an apartment developer, business or household in the Melbourne suburbs of Richmond or Cremorne, you may be able to take advantage of a broadband solution that runs rings around the NBN! That’s correct – no NBN required.

Truly high speed broadband is available in Richmond and Cremorne from Lightning Broadband – and all our solutions offer unlimited data!

Direct Fibre, FTTB and Fixed Wireless

Our fibre and fibre/wireless hybrid services offer speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps – that is ten times faster than the NBN top tier – and services are symmetrical, meaning upload rates are as fast as download rates. Learn more about our technology.

For Business

Our direct fibre business connectivity solutions are perfect for commercial enterprises that demand the best speeds available, unlimited downloads and unwavering reliability 24/7/365. Businesses in Cremorne and Richmond can also opt for our fixed wireless broadband solutions.

Lightning Broadband was the ISP that turned an internet black spot in Richmond into an area with super-fast and reliable broadband access – read more about it here.

For Apartment Developers

Our fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) solution is perfect for apartment developers, building owners and body corporates in the Richmond/Cremorne area. If you want the best in broadband connectivity for your residents/tenants and for your building to stand out from the pack – with zero capital outlaycontact us today.

For Households

Our residential fixed wireless broadband services offer unlimited data are delivered via towers situated at Stephenson Street Cremorne and William Street Richmond – so if you’re within a 7 kilometre radius of these points, contact us today to see if we can provide you with services offering a speed of up to 100 Mbps – download and upload.

Awesome Customer Support

Whether you’re a home user or a company, all our customers can expect top-notch client care services.

We look forward to welcoming more businesses, apartment developers and households in Richmond and Cremorne area to Lightning Broadband’s services. To find out more, use our contact form or call our friendly team of connectivity experts on 1300 596 426.

If you’re in another part of Melbourne, view our tower locations here for home fixed wireless services or contact us regarding servicing your direct fibre or FTTB needs; wherever you may be.