Fast Broadband Alternatives For Australian Property Developers

July 23rd, 2017.

More property developers in Australia are discovering NBN Co. and Telstra aren’t the only broadband options in town – or necessarily the best choice of internet connectivity solutions provider. In Australia, property developers are responsible for providing telecommunications infrastructure in the developments they construct. NBN Co is the infrastructure provider of last resort (IPOLR) in […]

Broadband Via Balloon – What’s Happening With Project Loon?

July 14th, 2017.

News of Google’s goal of providing broadband services to underserved regions via high-altitude balloons has been a little quiet lately, but it seems the Project Loon team has been keeping busy. After several years of behind-the-scenes development, Google officially announced Project Loon back in 2013. The venture is being carried out by Alphabet Inc.’s (Google’s […]

CHOICE Releases Internet Service Provider Consumer Survey Report

July 8th, 2017.

Australian consumer group CHOICE’s latest ISP satisfaction survey report indicates a majority of NBN users experienced connectivity issues in the last six months. Conducted in May, the survey was completed by 1,910 Australian residents aged 18 or over. Providing a snapshot of broadband usage in Australia, it indicated: 32% of Australians with internet access have […]

Second Test Flight For Facebook’s Broadband-Beaming Drone

July 1st, 2017.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a couple of days ago that the company’s Aquila drone had successfully completed a test flight in late May. The latest test saw the Aquila drone, which has a wingspan greater than a Boeing 737,  fly 1 hour and 46 minutes over a desert area in Arizona; followed by a […]

New Legislation Would Mandate Minimum 25 Mbps Broadband Australia-Wide

June 24th, 2017.

Recently introduced Telecommunications Reform Package legislation includes a guarantee all premises in Australia are to have access to broadband download speeds of 25 Mbps minimum. Image source: Australian Federal Government Previously the speed guarantee was to only apply to fixed-line connections, but now it will extend to satellite and fixed wireless. Fixed line and fixed […]

Lightning Broadband Provides Connectivity For St. Kilda’s Winter Garden

June 9th, 2017.

A triangle of inner city seaside land in the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda is being transformed with small bars, food stalls, a huge tent to host shows, sideshows and rides – and even an ice rink. Welcome to MAP 57 – St Kilda’s Winter Garden. Presented by The Gardeners of Unearthly Delights – who […]

Australian Broadband Speeds Getting Faster, But…

June 3rd, 2017.

The average broadband connection speed in Australia during the first quarter of this year was 11.1 Mbps – up 26% on last year. Akamai’s State Of The Internet Q1 2017 Report indicates that while broadband speed in Australia saw a healthy increase, our friends across the ditch in New Zealand are leaving us in their […]

Hawaiki Cable Project Promises Better Broadband Access

May 26th, 2017.

A submarine cable project linking Australia and New Zealand to Hawaii and mainland United States that will improve broadband services in our region is on schedule. At 42 Tbps (terabits per second), the carrier-neutral Hawaiki cable system will be the highest cross-sectional capacity link between the nations, and will see the dawn of a “new […]

National Broadband Network Tax Draws Near?

May 20th, 2017.

The tyranny of distance in Australia is certainly being felt when it comes to rural National Broadband Network costs – and those costs may be felt by all fixed-line superfast broadband users. “With a minimum available wholesale speed of 25Mbps for all end – users, irrespective of their location or technology platform, Australia has set […]

Australia’s Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman’s Six-Monthly Report

May 13th, 2017.

65,970 complaints were made to the TIO regarding landline, mobile or internet services in Australia during the second half of last year. Image: Bidgee, CC BY-SA 3.0 au, Link The TIO’s latest Six Monthly Update; released on Thursday, states of the nearly 66,000 complaints made to the Ombudsman, 37.4 per cent were in relation to […]

Australian Broadband Statistics – Downloads Continue To Grow

May 6th, 2017.

The number of broadband subscribers in Australia had grown to 13, 461,000 by December last year according to data released last month by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. ABS states the figure represented growth of 4.7% compared to the end of December 2015. Indicating a sign of the times, ABS is no longer including the […]

Global Internet Connection Speeds Improve Further

March 11th, 2017.

Global internet connection speeds increased 26% in Q4 2016 – but Australia was still behind in terms of average increase. According to Akamai’s Fourth Quarter, 2016 State of the Internet Report, all key global broadband adoption metrics saw double-digit gains year over year. “When Akamai first published the report in 2008, we defined ‘high broadband’ […]

Christmas Island’s Internet Connectivity Crisis

March 4th, 2017.

It seems many of the residents of Christmas Island have lost access to the internet after a local ISP shut down services; reportedly forced out of the market by the National Broadband Network (NBN). Image: Public Domain Christmas Island is an Australian territory 380 kilometres south of Java and 2,650 kilometres north-west of Perth. It’s […]

Qantas In-Flight WiFi Broadband Nears Prime Time

February 25th, 2017.

Results from Qantas’ first passenger internet wi-fi trial have been encouraging says the company – and soon the service will be made available on domestic flights. Image: Qantas Qantas says passengers achieved typical download speeds of between seven and 12 Mbps (megabits per second) to each connected device during the trial – this is fast […]

Australian Kids Ditching The TV For Online Time

February 18th, 2017.

A recent poll indicates Australian children are now spending far more of their time on the internet than they are watching TV* . According to results from Roy Morgan’s Young Australians Survey, Aussie kids aged six to 13 spend an average of almost 12 hours a week using the internet. This is almost double the […]

Australians Not Interested In Super-Fast Broadband?

February 11th, 2017.

Echoing comments made by Christopher Pyne last year, it seems the NBN Co’s boss doesn’t think Australians are ready for super-fast broadband above 100Mbps. According to a recently published article on the Courier Mail, NBN Co chief executive Bill Morrow says there hasn’t been a huge demand from Australians for speeds of 100Mbps+ Image: BigStock […]

OECD Broadband Statistics

February 4th, 2017.

Statistics recently published on the OECD Broadband Portal indicate there were more than 7.16 million fixed broadband subscribers in Australia as at June last year. The report states fixed-line broadband subscriptions in the 35-country OECD area hit 380 million as of June 2016, up from 363 million a year earlier. Australia ranked number 12 in […]

New Internet Australia Chair “Disappointed” With NBN

January 28th, 2017.

Internet Australia (IA), the non-profit body representing Internet users in Australia, announced the appointment of Anne Hurley as chair last week. Ms. Hurley takes the place of George Fong, who has assumed the role of honorary secretary. Image: Internet Australia | Anne Hurley Via LinkedIn Ms. Hurley has a long and distinguished career in telecommunications; […]

Australian Doctors Demand Better Broadband For The Bush

January 21st, 2017.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has called for affordable and reliable high speed broadband in rural, regional, and remote Australia. Broadband is becoming an increasingly important tool for rural doctors in Australia. With approximately 30 per cent of Australia’s population residing outside of major metropolitan areas, health care professionals and millions of Australians could potentially […]

Internet Australia Calls For ISP Data Retention Rethink

January 7th, 2017.

Internet Australia (IA) has called for a new parliamentary inquiry into the Data Retention Act, which it says could be used in civil court cases. The Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 compels telecommunications companies to retain a particular set of telecommunications data for at least two years. The Act requires the archiving of  information […]

Broadband Delivery UK Beefed Up

December 31st, 2016.

An extra 600,000 extra homes and businesses in “remote” locations in the UK will get fast broadband access thanks to an extra £440m sunk into the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) scheme. BDUK seeks to provide superfast broadband coverage to 95% of the UK by December 2017. “Superfast” in the context of the program is considered […]

Canada Sets Minimum Broadband Speed Targets

December 23rd, 2016.

Canada is setting minimum speed targets for fixed broadband Internet access services in the country of 50 megabits per second (Mbps) download and 10 Mbps upload. Increasingly shifting its regulatory focus from landline voice to broadband, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission says an unlimited data option will also be required for fixed broadband providers. […]

Broadband And The Universal Service Obligation

December 18th, 2016.

Earlier this month, Australia’s Productivity Commission weighed in on the very important topic of broadband access for all. In June this year, we mentioned a Productivity Commission inquiry would investigate what sort of changes should be made to Australia’s Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation (TUSO), which currently only covers standard telephone services. It would also consider […]

The 40 Terabit *Per Second* Australia Singapore Cable

December 10th, 2016.

Vocus Group Limited announced earlier this week it had sealed a deal with Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) for the construction of a 4,600km submarine cable between Australia and Singapore/Indonesia. The Australia Singapore Cable (ASC) will stretch between Perth, Western Australia and our South East Asian neighbours; with landing points in Jakarta, Indonesia and Tanah Merah, […]

Australians Hungry For Bandwidth

December 3rd, 2016.

Data downloads continue to grow at a rapid pace in Australia according to a new report from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Between the June 2015 and June 2016 quarters, there was a 52 per cent increase in the amount of data downloaded – from 1.5 million to 2.2 million terabytes. Data downloads […]

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