Fast Broadband Alternatives For Australian Property Developers

Fast Broadband Alternatives For Australian Property Developers

More property developers in Australia are discovering NBN Co. and Telstra aren’t the only broadband options in town – or necessarily the best choice of internet connectivity solutions provider.

Fast broadband options for Australian property developers
In Australia, property developers are responsible for providing telecommunications infrastructure in the developments they construct.

NBN Co is the infrastructure provider of last resort (IPOLR) in developments of 100 or more dwellings and Telstra is the IPOLR in developments of less than 100 premises.

However, the NBN isn’t available everywhere and not everyone wants to be locked into Telstra for broadband. Additionally, NBN Co is compelled to charge for the installation of necessary infrastructure, adding significant cost to a project.

The Age ran a story yesterday on the importance of broadband provider choice for developers of new housing estates and apartment buildings, mentioning Melbourne-headquartered Lightning Broadband. The company has been successfully deploying a mix of fibre and fixed wireless to bring superfast broadband to its customers.

Zero Setup Costs, Satisfying The Need For Speed

Lightning Broadband offers property developers a number of advantages over the NBN, including zero setup costs – which can save them many thousands of dollars per project.

The service is proving popular among developers in Melbourne, with fast broadband projects established at apartment developments in suburbs including Oakleigh, Elsternwick, Richmond and St. Kilda. In some cases, these projects also provide internet connectivity to homes, businesses and other buildings in the surrounding area.

The company now has its sights set on rapid expansion.

“We’ve got 10 developments live at the moment and over the next 12 months we expect to grow at three times the rate and have around 30-plus sites,” said Lightning Broadband CEO, Jeremy Rich.

Mr. Rich says Lightning Broadband offers a point of difference for property developers in what is becoming crowded apartment market. The company’s internet connectivity solutions can even be integrated into developments at an advanced stage of construction, or retrofitted in existing buildings to give residents a speed boost and make these properties more attractive to apartment buyers.

Integration of Lightning Broadband’s infrastructure is carried out with minimal disruption and ongoing monitoring and maintenance is performed by the company; again at no cost.

Lightning Broadband offers apartment customers a range of competitively priced broadband plans with upload and download speeds up to 200 Mbps. The plans have no data cap, meaning customers can surf, communicate and create and to their hearts’ content.

Further information on Lightning Broadband’s services for property developers and body corporates can found here, or by calling the company on 1800-4SPEED.

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