Fast Broadband A Key Purchasing Decision For Australian Home Buyers

Fast Broadband A Key Purchasing Decision For Australian Home Buyers

New research is again indicating that a solid broadband service is an important feature of a home that Australian  real estate agents and private sellers should be highlighting to house buyers.

The nbn Ready Homes report states when searching for a house, the majority (80%) of Australian home buyers consider a good broadband service as a major factor in their purchase decision process.

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Without a fast connection to the premises, it could cost sellers dearly.

“Two thirds (66 per cent) of Aussie buyers say they would negotiate a lower price or even reject their potential home altogether (16 per cent), if it is not available,” says an article about the report.

The findings echo another report we mentioned in September stating high speed internet is featuring prominently on home buyers’ wish lists.

It’s looking like fast home broadband will increasingly appear in real estate guides on ways to boost a house’s value as a relatively low cost selling strategy.

In other news related to Australia’s National Broadband Network, The Australian is reporting on what it calls “Malcolm Turnbull’s $20 Billion NBN Bailout”.

“The Turnbull government will borrow almost another $20 billion to shore-up the rollout of the National Broadband Network despite repeated assurances it would not exceed the Coalition’s $29.5bn investment cap,” states the publication.

Opposition communications spokesperson Michelle Rowland is not amused by this and by the NBN’s performance generally.

“Malcolm Turnbull promised he would deliver an NBN that would be faster, sooner and cheaper, but under his leadership rollout costs have blown out by $25 billion, and the evidence shows consumers are complaining in record numbers about their internet speeds because of a strategy he personally championed,” Ms. Rowland said recently.

There was never any doubt the NBN would suffer its share of growing pains, just as any major project does – and to be fair; the increase in complaints is tied to a significant increase in the number of Australians connected to the NBN.

But the NBN isn’t the only game in town; or necessarily the best, cheapest or fastest. Competitor ISP’s have been springing up; servicing some areas where the NBN is yet to reach, and offering speedier alternatives at very competitive pricing.

One of these providers is Lightning Broadband, which offers unlimited apartment, home and business broadband plans with speeds up to a blistering 1,000 Mbps (upload and download) in selected areas; using a proven fibre/wireless technology mix.

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