Police Warning On NBN Scams

Police Warning On NBN Scams

NBN scams are continuing – and the unfortunate reason why is they are still working; catching out the confused and unwary.

NBN scam warning

When the NBN is available in an area, ADSL and landline telephone services are disconnected within about 18 months generally. As it is a rolling disconnection schedule, the date will be different for everyone.

It’s this situation, a lack of awareness and/or ongoing confusion about the NBN  that is contributing to some Australians being vulnerable to NBN scams.

Police in the Northern Territory recently reported complaints from Territorians who have received robocalls claiming to be from NBN Co.  The messages warn the target that they aren’t registered with the NBN and their current internet service will be turned off within 24 hours.

“The scammers can be very convincing, however their goal is to simply either get a hold of your money or your personal identifying information,” said Senior Constable Jason Corbett from the NT Cybercrime Unit.

NT Police advise that people should never disclose their bank account details or other personal information to an unsolicited caller – whether it’s concerning the NBN or anything else.

“Do not trust anyone calling to inform you that your internet will be disconnected. Instead hang up and then contact your Internet Service Provider directly on a known and trusted number.”

These calls aren’t confined to the Northern Territory; cases have also been occurring in other states. In fact, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) sounded warnings back in 2015.

If you have fallen victim to an NBN scam, report it to your bank immediately and to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN).

NBN Isn’t Always The Only Option

On a related note, many Australians may still not be aware the NBN isn’t always the only game in town for broadband – nor for phone services. We’ve seen it stated if you wish to maintain a phone or internet service at your home, you will need to change to an NBN service before the switch-off date.

Well, no – it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to switch to the NBN specifically. There may be other options for you – learn more here. But don’t just take our word for it; read what the ACCC says too.

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