Highest Quote For NBN Individual Premises Technology Switch Revealed

Switching a home or commercial premises to a different NBN broadband technology can be done - but it may come at an incredibly high price.

NBN Technology Choice Individual Premises Switch cost
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The NBN's Technology Choice Program's Individual Premises Switch provides households and businesses with an option to pay for a change to an alternative NBN broadband access network technology.

Back in June, Senator Anne Urquhart asked about the highest quotes provided for an individual premises switch. That answer finally came last week.

With regard to a switch from FTTN (Fibre To The Node) to FTTH (Fiber To The Home - also known as FTTP - Fibre To The Premises), the highest quote issued was $149,937 for a premises in Katoomba, New South Wales. That quote was declined.

However, an even higher quote for a switch from NBN fixed wireless to FTTP was accepted. The cost? A whopping $217,600 for a premises in Shaw, Queensland. No other details were provided as to the nature of the premises, but it's pretty safe to assume it wasn't for an average Australian household wanting to stream video in Ultra HD to multiple devices.

Regarding these incredibly high costs, NBN co. stated:

"As with any construction project, the cost for nbn Technology Choice depends on individual site specifics. A single end user applying for a Technology Choice upgrade will typically pay a significant amount, particularly if theirs is the first request in the area. In order to provision an FTTP service for one end user, significant, complex work is often required at the exchange in order to transmit an FTTP service."

The need for speed and reliability is becoming a more pressing issue - and not just in Australia.

A recent survey in the UK indicated fast broadband connections are more important to respondents than crime levels in an area they may consider moving to.

When asked about aspects that would be of the most concern when considering the purchase of a new home, the most common responses were:

  1. Poor/slow broadband connections – 88%
  2. Above average levels of crime- 81%
  3. A lack of local transport links/motorway access – 73%
  4. A lack of nightlife/shops – 64%
  5. A lack of local nurseries/schools – 58%

More than three-quarters of survey respondents said they would be willing to offer the seller of a home more money in an area that guaranteed excellent broadband connection and speeds, with the average amount being an extra £6,500. That's around AUD $10,560 at current exchange rates.

More on this survey can be viewed here.

Posted: 2 Sep 2017

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