Australian Teleworking In A Post-Pandemic World

March 3rd, 2021.

An interesting thing has been happening with Australian internet usage since the lockdowns of the pandemic ended, described as a “new normal”.

Measuring Broadband Australia Program May Be Expanded

February 24th, 2021.

The ACCC is continuing to explore the idea of expanding the Measuring Broadband Australia Program to include non-NBN providers and connectivity technologies not currently covered.

Internet Statistics: Australia January 2021

February 16th, 2021.

Some interesting statistics relating to Internet use in Australia last month you can rattle off to win friends and influence people – or perhaps not.

5G’s Multi-Billion Dollar Boon For Australia

February 10th, 2021.

Productivity and efficiency gains attributed to 5G will add US$1.3 trillion to global GDP by 2030 says PwC – and Australia looks set to see a very healthy economic benefit .

Broadband: Draft Standards For SIPs Released

February 2nd, 2021.

Draft standards, rules and benchmarks for Statutory Infrastructure Provider (SIP) networks are now open for stakeholder comment.

Loon Balloon Broadband Project Is A Bust

January 26th, 2021.

After nearly a decade of giving things a red-hot go, the Loon team have called it quits on their broadband via balloon aspirations.

EU Member States Urged To Accelerate Space-Based Broadband

January 19th, 2021.

In a speech last week to the 13th European Space Conference, EC Commissioner Thierry Breton said his objective was to “go fast” on developing space-based broadband.

Albanese Claims Hundreds Of Thousand Dudded On NBN Speeds.

January 13th, 2021.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese and acting shadow minister for communications Tim Watts say the NBN is failing to deliver the required minimum broadband speeds  for up to 238,000 Australian household and businesses.

About That NBN “Built And Fully Operational” Thing

January 6th, 2021.

There’s still quite a kerfuffle over the NBN being declared “as built and fully operational”. But some reports omitted or glossed over a few very important words.

Australia’s Most Data-Hungry State/Territory

December 30th, 2020.

Which Australian state/territory appears to have downloaded the most data per household in 2020? The answer may surprise you.

Lightning Broadband Reflects On 2020

December 22nd, 2020.

As for many companies, 2020 presented some unique challenges for Australian owned and operated superfast internet provider Lightning Broadband – but the ISP also saw many achievements.

WA Schools To Get A Broadband Bandwidth Boost

December 16th, 2020.

Western Australia’s McGowan Government says almost all public schools in the state are to receive bandwidth upgrades.

Australia’s Regional Digital Tech Hub Launched

December 9th, 2020.

The Federally-funded Regional Digital Tech Hub, which provides independent telecommunications information to regional, rural and remote Australians, commenced operations yesterday.

What’s All This 6G Talk?

December 2nd, 2020.

If you’re looking forward to 6G wireless broadband, you’ll probably be waiting for a while.

Victoria’s Budget 2020/21 And Broadband

November 24th, 2020.

Victoria’s Andrews Government announced on Tuesday what it says is the biggest boost to the state’s digital infrastructure and skills ever as part of the Victorian Budget 2020/21.

Australian Broadband: Who’s On What

November 19th, 2020.

A recent report released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission shows a continued shift to faster internet plans in Australia.

WA Government Forcing “Fibre Ready” For New Subdivisions

November 10th, 2020.

A loophole enabling small housing subdivisions in Western Australia to be built without ready connection to telecommunications infrastructure has now been closed.

Communications Minister Declares 2021 “The Year Of 5G”

November 5th, 2020.

Australia’s Federal Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, Paul Fletcher MP seems pretty pumped about the prospects for 5G.

Australia’s Digital Divide – Still More Work To Be Done

October 28th, 2020.

The fifth Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) indicates that although digital inclusion is improving in Australia,  the rate of increase is slowing – and the gap is widening for some groups.

Nokia To Establish LTE/4G Network On The Moon

October 20th, 2020.

The establishing of a LTE/4G network on the Moon is to provide a big boost to the quality and flexibility of lunar exploration communications.

Another Round Of Digital Farms Grants For Western Australia

October 14th, 2020.

$7 million has been made available in the third round of the WA’s Government’s Digital Farms program, which aims to boost broadband in priority rural areas.

Telco Call Center Contact Complaints Spike 

October 7th, 2020.

A recently released report from Australia’s Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman highlights the risks of companies putting all (or most) of their customer service eggs into an overseas basket.

Lightning Broadband Making Its Queensland Debut

September 22nd, 2020.

Non-NBN superfast internet connectivity provider Lightning Broadband is about to make its presence felt in Queensland.

News Sources: What Australians Trust

September 16th, 2020.

The internet may have overtaken TV as Australians’ main source of news, but when it comes to trusting news it’s a bit of a different story.

Australian Broadband Ranking Update

September 9th, 2020.

Two separate broadband speed indexes show Australia still lagging behind dozens of other countries.

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