WA Government Forcing “Fibre Ready” For New Subdivisions

November 10th, 2020.

A loophole enabling small housing subdivisions in Western Australia to be built without ready connection to telecommunications infrastructure has now been closed.

Communications Minister Declares 2021 “The Year Of 5G”

November 5th, 2020.

Australia’s Federal Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, Paul Fletcher MP seems pretty pumped about the prospects for 5G.

Australia’s Digital Divide – Still More Work To Be Done

October 28th, 2020.

The fifth Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) indicates that although digital inclusion is improving in Australia,  the rate of increase is slowing – and the gap is widening for some groups.

Nokia To Establish LTE/4G Network On The Moon

October 20th, 2020.

The establishing of a LTE/4G network on the Moon is to provide a big boost to the quality and flexibility of lunar exploration communications.

Another Round Of Digital Farms Grants For Western Australia

October 14th, 2020.

$7 million has been made available in the third round of the WA’s Government’s Digital Farms program, which aims to boost broadband in priority rural areas.

Telco Call Center Contact Complaints Spike 

October 7th, 2020.

A recently released report from Australia’s Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman highlights the risks of companies putting all (or most) of their customer service eggs into an overseas basket.

Lightning Broadband Making Its Queensland Debut

September 22nd, 2020.

Non-NBN superfast internet connectivity provider Lightning Broadband is about to make its presence felt in Queensland.

News Sources: What Australians Trust

September 16th, 2020.

The internet may have overtaken TV as Australians’ main source of news, but when it comes to trusting news it’s a bit of a different story.

Australian Broadband Ranking Update

September 9th, 2020.

Two separate broadband speed indexes show Australia still lagging behind dozens of other countries.

Lightning Broadband Parent Designated An “SIP”

September 2nd, 2020.

Parent company of Lightning Broadband, Lynham Networks, has been officially declared a Statutory Infrastructure Provider (SIP) by the Australian Federal Government. So, what does this mean?

“UFO” Landing In Central Africa An “Internet” Balloon

August 27th, 2020.

A “UFO” that landed in a jungle in the Democratic Republic of Congo turned out to be another Loon balloon.

Streaming Subscriptions Soar In Australia

August 20th, 2020.

As more Australians stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic, home entertainment subscriptions have seen a mighty boost.

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman And The TIO Scheme

August 12th, 2020.

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) helps consumers and small businesses with unresolved complaints about their phone or internet service. The TIO Scheme plays a crucial role in this process.

Amazon’s Project Kuiper Gets FCC Approval

August 5th, 2020.

The night sky is going to get even more cluttered – Amazon was last week granted approval by the U.S. feds to deploy more than 3,200 broadband satellites.

What Is The Australian Broadband Advisory Council?

July 30th, 2020.

Last week, the Morrison Government established the Australian Broadband Advisory Council (ABAC) – so what is it, who’s on it and what will they seek to achieve?

More Prestigious Projects For Lightning Broadband

July 23rd, 2020.

Lightning Broadband’s residential development portfolio has grown rapidly – and is continuing to expand with recent announcements of significant apartment projects.

Fixed Line Broadband Bandwidth And Data Demand Forecast

July 16th, 2020.

A report released early this week takes a shot at predicting how much data Australians will download monthly in 2028 and what their peak bandwidth demand will be.

Australian Broadband Speeds Still Lagging Behind

July 9th, 2020.

Even with the National Broadband Network now pretty much fully in place, Australia is still stacking up poorly against other countries when it comes to fixed broadband speeds.

Broadband Access Guarantee For All Australians Now Law

July 2nd, 2020.

When the clock ticked over to the new financial year on Wednesday, legislation kicked in enshrining in law guaranteed access to broadband services.

Speedy Broadband For SA School Students

June 25th, 2020.

South Australia’s Marshall Government says it has now delivered high speed internet to just about every public school in the state.

Australian Government Encouraging Businesses To Get Cracking Online

June 18th, 2020.

Results of a recent survey indicates Australians are increasingly supporting local business in an online environment.

Australia’s Rankings In The Global 5G Market

June 10th, 2020.

Technology research firm Omdia has ranked Australia 12th out of the 22 countries it analysed for deployment of 5G technology. Australia may have been well down the list, but importantly – we beat the Kiwis.

NBN Co’s Continued Colossal Copper Cable Buy Up

June 4th, 2020.

It’s been reported a total of 49,620 kilometres of copper has been acquired for use in in the National Broadband Network, and purchases continued right up until quite recently.

Tiny “Rainbow Chip” Revs Up Broadband Speed Potential

May 27th, 2020.

Technology in a tiny chip could help Australia (and the world) keep up with the ever-increasing demands on connectivity.

Once More: 5G Has Nothing To Do With COVID-19

May 21st, 2020.

It’s hard to believe misinformation linking COVID-19 to 5G technology is still being bandied about and accepted, but unfortunately it is.

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