St. Kilda’s Fast Broadband Revolution In Full Swing

St. Kilda’s Fast Broadband Revolution In Full Swing

Residents and businesses throughout the bayside Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda are enjoying the benefits of truly super-fast, unlimited broadband plans – and not through the NBN.

Australian owned and operated ISP Lightning Broadband has been attracting attention over the last couple of months in relation to its wireless/fibre hybrid internet connectivity solution that offers competitively priced services and superior performance to the NBN.

Broadband plans St. Kilda

The company is currently rolling out across the Melbourne metropolitan area, with view to expanding beyond the city – and ultimately, beyond Victoria.

In St. Kilda, the rewards of innovative service are already being reaped; with much of the suburb now able to access the service. This is thanks to an installation at an apartment building project at Ascent St. Kilda.

A broadband transmission antenna installed atop the building is enabling businesses and residents within line of sight of Ascent’s rooftop to experience the same high-speed connectivity as those in the building.

“Our unlimited data home broadband plans now available throughout St. Kilda enable customers to surf the web at up to 100 Mbps – and that’s upload speeds as well as download rates,” says the company’s CEO, Jeremy Rich.

The symmetrical speeds are a significant differentiator to the NBN, which at best only offers 100 Mbps on the download and far lower on upload.

The Ascent St. Kilda project  saw the company carrying out the provisioning work with zero disruption during construction of the building and at zero cost to the developer. It’s now a very simple task for residents moving into the modern apartments to connect to Lightning Broadband’s services. For those in the surrounding area, installation can be rapidly arranged.

It’s not just residential customers joining the fast broadband revolution in St. Kilda – businesses are jumping on board too; with even faster connections available.

“Our business plans offer uncontended symmetrical speeds of up to a blistering 1,000 Mbps, using dedicated equipment,” said Mr. Rich.

Business broadband plans are tailored to each customer’s unique requirements.

Mr. Rich says the company is accelerating its rollout in Melbourne and those interested in being notified when services are available in their suburb can register via the ‘check availability” buttons posted throughout the company’s web site.

With the ISP also having its sights set on national availability, everyone in Australia is invited to register interest; which will assist the company in determining which areas outside Victoria it rolls out services.

For further information on Lightning Broadband or media enquiries, the team can be contacted here, via [email protected] or on 1300 596 426.

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