Residential Stand-Alone (Fixed Wireless) Plans

home broadband speed





Unlimited data


VoIP featureAdd phone (VoIP)
from $10 extra per month

*Total broadband plan minimum charge over 24 months including minimum Standard Installation Charge ($600: paid at time of installation) and GST: $4,320.

20 Mbps Plan

This unlimited data home broadband plan is perfect for watching full screen video in standard and high definition, plus surfing the web or carrying out other online activities at the same time. Buffering begone!

As with all our plans, you’ll also enjoy the same upload speed as the download rating – much faster than equivalent NBN plans. If you’re looking for a faster plan than 20 Mbps, enquire about our business plans that offer up to 1,000 Mbps/1,000 Mbps!

Fantastic features.

Proven technology and clever engineering

We provide our NBN alternative through the use of hybrid 5G fixed wireless internet + fibre broadband technology. Learn more about the tech powering Australia’s Lightning Broadband and compare the difference.

Symmetrical connection

With upload speeds as fast as download, our symmetrical connections set us apart from NBN home broadband plans. The stand-alone fixed wireless plan above indicates standard/typical evening speeds!

Less congestion, lower latency

Residential broadband plans from most Australian ISPs are contended, meaning performance can suffer when too many people are using a service at the same time. However, Lightning Broadband prides itself on putting less people on the pipe than others; so residential users benefit from incredible speeds; perfect for streaming video. without the dreaded buffering.

Additionally, our fixed wireless internet services are very low-latency; a crucial feature for online gaming and VOIP applications.

REAL unlimited broadband plans

The faster your internet connection speed is, the more data you’ll use – but all our plans offer unlimited data. And unlimited means unlimited – no penalties, no “shaping” (speed reductions). The highest speed possible consistently and unlimited data¬† means you’ll have a worry-free experience.

No contract lock-in

We want you to stay with us because you want to – not because you’re obligated to; so there’s no lock in contract with this plan.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

You’ll be able to make cheap phone calls over your Lightning Broadband internet connection with our VoIP option from just $10 a month extra! Learn more about our internet telephony services.

Awesome customer care

Our friendly customer support team is based right here in Australia and just a phone call or email away to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. We want to see you using our services as fast as possible – and to keep things that way. Learn more about our superb customer care.

Quick and easy installation

Installation is a quick and easy process for our fixed wireless internet customers.

  • Our team will install a small microwave receiver on your home’s antenna mast or on a small mast we can supply* if required.
  • A cable will then be run from the receiver to a wall plate installed in a convenient location in your home for connection to your WLAN compatible router (we can provide one *) or direct to your PC.
  • That’s it – then you’ll be ready to hit the web at breakneck speeds and enjoy unlimited data!

Costs & Critical Information Summaries

  • For further information on stand-alone wireless broadband plan pricing, setup fees, other costs and contract terms, please click here (PDF) for a critical information summary.

NOTE: All new or re-contracted services after 16 May 2018, and monthly plans rolling over after that date, will be subject to our SFOA (Standard Form Of Agreement).

Need More Speed?

If you’re wanting a faster plan, enquire about our business plans that offer up to 1,000 Mbps.