VoIP Plans - Internet Telephony

Our VoIP service enable you to make cheap phone calls over your Lightning Broadband internet connection.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP has also been referred to as SIP Telephony, IP Telephony or Internet Telephony. While VoIP services of the past could be a little hit and miss, huge improvements in technology and availability of bandwidth mean that today’s VoIP calls tend to be far more reliable and the signal quality much better.

Choose from one of three very reasonably priced plans, depending on your requirements. The following tables outline our monthly VoIP plan charges, included calls and excluded charges*.

Broadband telephony





Monthly charge $10 $20 $30
Included calls $60 $120 $200
Local calls (untimed) 10c 9.5c 9c
National calls(per minute) $0.18 $0.171 $0.162
International calls (per minute) Variable rates* Variable rates* Variable rates*
Mobile calls (per minute) $0.27 $0.257 $0.244
Please note: Unless otherwise stated, monthly VoIP Charges are charged per month or part thereof. *International call rates can be found here. Charges for other calls are in Lightning Broadband’s Terms and Conditions – Appendix A Pricing Schedule : click here.


Special service rates:
The following rates apply to all VoIP plans:



Emergency calls (000) Free
1800 numbers Free
13 and 1300 numbers 44c untimed
1223 numbers $3.20 untimed
1225 numbers $10.10 untimed
1234 numbers Not available for use
1900 numbers Not available for use
1225 numbers Not available for use

More details on our VoIP plans

Special Requirements?

If you have special requirements, we can customise Lightning Broadband VoIP plan to meet your needs, including:

  • porting your existing phone number(s) across
  • establishing a 13, 1300 or 1800 service
  • establishing complex business/commercial virtual PABX

Contact us to discuss any specific requirements you have!

Service Availability 

The Lightning Broadband VoIP service is generally available only in conjunction with an approved and active Lightning Broadband residential, business or commercial internet plan as well as a fixed IP address and active power supply. We do not provide VoIP as a standalone service.

VoIP Equipment

You will need to provide your own VoIP enabled modem and phone handset to be able to access this service. If your modem is not VoIP enabled, you may be able to purchase a suitable VoIP adapter (ATA) to use with your existing modem, or  we can recommend and/or may provide a suitable modem at an additional cost.

Minimum Term

While there’s no minimum term associated with the Lightning Broadband VoIP Service, your associated Lightning Broadband plan may have a minimum term.

Cancellation Fees

All standard Lightning Broadband VoIP Plans have no minimum term and therefore no cancellation fees.  However, a cancellation fee may apply for any bundled broadband service associated with the VoIP service. Please refer to the relevant critical information sheet or contact us for details.

Other Fees and Charges

Per our our Terms and Conditions, other charges may apply for services such as Plan Downgrades, Handling Fees, Printed Invoices, Incorrect Call-Out Fee, Service Reconnection Fee, Payment Declined Fee and Hardware Replacement Fee. Refer to the Lighting Broadband Terms and Conditions – Appendix A Pricing Schedule available on our Terms page for further details.

Customer Service Guarantee Waiver

The Commonwealth Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2000 (CSG) sets out minimum levels of service that a provider must meet in respect of connecting a service, repairing a fault or service difficulty, and attending appointments with customers.

It also applies to call features such as call waiting, call forwarding, call barring, calling number display and calling number display blocking.

Lightning Broadband is committed to providing exceptional quality and affordable broadband and telephony services with outstanding customer service.

However, we can only provide these VoIP plans at a significantly reduced cost in comparison to a normal telephone service over the switched telephone network, on the basis that Customers waive the requirement to meet the performance standards required under and in respect of the CSG.

Further details and an explanation regarding the CSG can be found at the Australian Communication and Media Authority’s website .

Critical Information Summary

To view further details, please refer to our VoIP critical information summary, available from our Terms page. If you have any questions, please contact our team.