Billing & Payment Basics

Manage invoices and payments through your Customer Portal and find answers to your billing queries.

How do I receive my invoice?

Your invoice is issued via email each month, and can also be viewed through the Billing function in your Customer Portal.

Can I add a second person or business to the invoice?

Yes, if you need the invoice to include a second addressee or your business name, you can add this information to the Primary Contact within the Profile function of your Customer Portal.

What payment methods are available?

Credit or debit card details can be stored and used to facilitate a monthly direct debit. If you prefer not to invoke automated payment, a card can also be used to actively make one-off payments each month through the Billing function of your Customer Portal.

Alternatively, you can opt to make a monthly bank transfer. Note this requires you to transfer the required amount to our account, the details of which can be found on your invoice. Please ensure you quote the relevant invoice number in your reference and be mindful this can take 3-5 days to be processed.  

How do I update my payment details?

If you wish to change your payment method, or update/add card information to your account, please do so via the Billing function in your Customer Portal

card details-1
change payment type-1

We can also assist you with this over the phone if required - call 03 9089 0515 to speak with one of our Customer Support Team members. 

Can I make an immediate payment?

Yes. You can make a payment using a credit or debit card through your Customer Portal via the Billing function. Simply select the green ‘Pay’ button beside your unpaid invoice.  You can also call our Customer Support Team on 03 9089 0515 to make payment over the phone.

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How long is each billing cycle?

The standard billing cycle is a 30 day period. 

What date is my payment due?

You are billed on the same date each month. You can confirm your billing cycle in your Customer Portal.

When is my payment processed?

If you have provided card details, an automatic attempt to process the monthly payment will be made at 9 am on the due date. If payment is unsuccessful, an attempt will be made at the same time for each subsequent day until the transaction is complete. You will receive a payment confirmation email when payment is successfully made. If you have set your payment method to bank transfer, it is your responsibility to make the payment in line with the due date.

What happens if I do not pay my bill?

We understand that sometimes life can get in the way, so we allow a grace period during which you will receive email reminders to make payment for your services. If after 10 days no payment has been received, your connection will be suspended.

What are my options if I can’t pay my bill?

We appreciate everyone can encounter bumps in the road. If you do not think you can make the necessary payment and require assistance, please call our Customer Support Team on 03 9089 0515 so we can understand the circumstances and identify how to proceed. 

What should I do if I’m going to be away for an extended period?

If you are an FTTB/FTTP customer, you are not on a contract. This means you can cancel at any time, easy as. When you return and require our services again, just give us a call on 03 9089 0515 and we can connect you up again, as fast as the first time. 

If you are a fixed wireless customer, your services have been provisioned according to a contract. However, we understand circumstances can change or require flexibility, so give us a call to discuss the best solution.