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The fastest internet
in Australia.That’s our goal.


We’re Lightning Broadband, one of Australia's largest privately owned Fibre to the Premise providers, and we’re ready to offer homes and businesses the lightning fast internet they’ve been waiting for. For real.

Delivering connections

When connection has never been more important, both in our personal and professional lives, we're connecting families, friends, colleagues, businesses and everyone in between. Whether you're working from home or face-timing your family overseas, we're keeping people connected with Australia's fastest internet that you can rely on.



For apartments, townhomes and houses.


Commercial connectivity solutions for your business.


For new developments and building retrofits.


Lightning wholesale broadband services.

The gold standard isn’t copper.

All over the world, optic fibre networks are delivering super-fast internet to homes and businesses. Here in Australia, we’ve still got a copper hangover.

Fear not. At Lightning Broadband we’re rolling out reliable, lightning-fast optic FTTP solutions to deliver some of the fastest internet speeds available in Australia today.


Optic FTTP solutions


The need for speed

Feel the need

The fastest internet in Australia. That’s our goal. With our own optical fibre network, and fixed wireless solutions, we’re making the internet speed communities need, happen.

Unlimited data

Always unlimited

No caps. No peak hours. Just downloads and upload at the same fast speed, always. That’s the joy of a network that’s designed to meet the speed throughout the day.

Reliable network

Smooth running

We constantly monitor the performance of our network, but if you ever need anything, a real human is only a call away.

Melbourne based company

Made of Melbourne

The power of community. And a friendly smile. Made locally, we put the best of the Melbourne spirit to work nationwide.

Locals we love

As a local business we believe in supporting other local businesses as a shared community.

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Apartment Broadband

How these apartment residents now have the fastest internet in Melbourne.

West End was designed to be the ultimate place to live, with 442 quality residences above a vibrant public realm and retail premises.

Among West End's many amenities making it such an attractive development is super-fast connectivity provided and supported by Lightning Broadband.

All residences have been provisioned for internet access speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps download and upload, depending on the plan chosen by residents - and all plans offer unlimited data.


Ready for
lightning fast internet?