What Is The New Development Fee (NDF)?

The New Development Fee Explained

The New Development Fee is a one-off, industry-standard fee that is charged on the initial connection of a new premises to fibre-ready internet in Australia.

The NDF is listed in the Australian Government's Telecommunications Infrastructure in New Developments (TIND) policy as a standard NBN fee. It was introduced so the cost of new developments is shared between the developer, the first resident and the telco installing the infrastructure. It is a partial recovery for the cost of deploying network infrastructure to new premises or dwellings and is an end-user contribution.

In line with other major fixed line Network providers including NBN Co and Opticomm, Lightning Wholesale may charge this fee at premises classed as new developments.

What Is A New Development?
A newly-built or redeveloped property in which Lightning Wholesale infrastructure has been installed and not yet connected.

How Do I Know If It Applies To Me?
It will only apply to the first connection at each premises. Lightning Broadband will confirm at the time of enquiry or signup if this fee applies at your property.

I Thought the Developer Had Already Paid This Fee?
The $300 NDF is a partial contribution to the cost of the infrastructure payable by the first resident. It is not to be confused with the fee a property developer pays directly to the Wholesale Network Provider, which is a separate partial contribution towards the infrastructure cost in the government policy.

I Need Assistance To Pay This Sum
We value all our customers and are committed to doing our utmost to ensure the best experience.

We are flexible when it comes to this fee. Unlike some other providers that require full upfront payment before service activation, we offer the option of installments to make your move and signup more manageable for you - chat to us about a suitable payment plan.