Required VoIP Hardware

Find out what equipment is required to support your Lightning Broadband VoIP service.

There are three hardware options: 

  1. VoIP compatible router - Routers with built-in Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) 
    The router will have one or more telephone ports on the back and will require configuration to enable the VoIP function, meaning the router needs to be set up to receive your specific phone service. We will assist with this where possible. 

    You will also need an analogue phone handset - any traditional/old handset will do! This simply plugs into the telephone port in your router and works like normal. 
    (Some routers have ADSL/DSL connection points  that use the same port as the telephone - make sure that the telephone ports are reserved for VoIP) 
  2. Router without VoIP functionality + Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA)
    The ATA plugs into your router as any other wired device. This will provide VoIP functionality in a scenario where the router itself does not have it inbuilt. The ATA will need to be configured with your VoIP credentials. We will assist with this where possible. You will also need a phone handset - any traditional/old handset will do! You will need to connect this phone to the analogue phone socket in the ATA.
  3. Router without VoIP functionality + IP handset
    Alternatively you can get an "IP phone", designed to be used over the internet. These handsets work with an Ethernet cable instead of the traditional phone connector and will need to be configured with your VoIP credentials. 

If your existing router is not VoIP compatible, we suggest one of the below options:

  • Purchase a preconfigured, VoIP compatible router from Lightning Broadband 
  • Purchase an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA), which will provide VoIP functionality. Lightning Broadband can provide an ATA for $99 or you can source one from elsewhere. 
  • Purchase an IP Handset.

Lightning Broadband will support VoIP configuration wherever possible. 

Do I need a computer to run the phone line?

No, there’s no need for a computer. Although your VoIP line operates via the internet connection, it is very much independent of any devices other than that which provides the telephone port (router/ATA) and the phone handset. 

Can I connect multiple handsets to one VoIP line?

You can if you use a cable splitter (just like with the traditional analogue lines).