VoIP Phone Services And Pricing

Alongside our super-fast broadband we also offer optional VoIP telephony plans if you wish to use a landline. Find everything you need to know about our VoIP service below.

Can I have a land line service with my Lightning Broadband connection?

Yes, a phone service known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that operates via the internet is available with your Lightning Broadband connection from as little as $10/month with no set up fee. 

How much does a VoIP phone service cost? 

Lightning Broadband offers three phone service plans with incremental monthly fees and corresponding credit: 

  • Basic $10/month = $60 credit
  • Premium $20/month = $120 credit
  • Ultimate $30/month = $200 credit 

What’s included in my phone plan?

Depending on the plan you choose you are designated a certain amount of credit to use to make local, interstate, international and mobile calls as you wish.

Please refer to our website for more information on pricing and call rates, and see our International Rates FAQ.

How do I know which plan is best suited to my needs?

Everybody has different needs so plan suitability will depend on your telephony activities and how they will affect credit spend. For example, if most of your calls are incoming, or you mostly call locally, the basic plan will suffice. If you have lots of family and friends living interstate and/or abroad and you call them often, you may want to upgrade to a higher plan. 

Whichever plan you choose to start with, you can always upgrade or downgrade for no extra fee, giving you the flexibility to change your plan to make it work for you.

Business Telephony

While we are happy to supply standard VoIP plans to our business customers, we appreciate you might have more complex requirements. If this is the case, we are open to customisation! Get in touch and we will be happy to identify the best solution.  

Are there any set up fees?

Nope! A VoIP phone service is free to set up, you need only pay your monthly plan fee. 

Can I keep my current land line number?

It is possible to transfer an existing number from your current provider to Lightning Broadband. This process is called porting and incurs a one-off $75 charge per number. The current service must be retained until the porting process has been completed so that you maintain ownership of the number. Call forwarding can be set up by contacting your existing provider, and redirect calls during this period either to a mobile, or a temporary number if required.

Can I change my VoIP phone plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade as with your internet plan. Upgrades will be effective immediately, downgrades will apply from the start of the next billing cycle.

Can I cancel my phone line?

Where your phone service is part of an FTTB/FTTP service, it is not subject to a contract and therefore can be cancelled at any time with no exit fees. Please take note that as it is a prepaid service, refunds are not provided if cancellation is requested during the current billing cycle. 

If your VoIP service is subject to contractual terms, please refer to these for further information regarding your specific service and cancellation policy. 

How does the quality of VoIP compare with standard telephone line services?

The quality of your VoIP calls is comparable to that of calls made by traditional landlines, so pick up that phone and get chatting! 

What does VoIP mean?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which basically means a phone line that operates over the internet. All analogue phone lines are being disconnected or discontinued in Australia, meaning there is a country-wide requirement to change telephony service systems - and VoIP is one of the alternative options. 

Do you offer mobile plans?

Unfortunately not, the only phone services we provide are VoIP services.

Can I call 000 emergency services using VoIP?

Yes, you can call 000 emergency services using VoIP. It is worth noting that as your VoIP service operates over the internet, the service may be rendered unavailable in certain circumstances and therefore it is recommended to have an alternative or mobile service available to make emergency calls in the event your service is unavailable at the time.

Can I call 190x / 1225 / 1234 numbers with my VoIP service? 

Unfortunately these numbers are not available for use with the VoIP services we offer.
Please refer to our website for more information on what is included in the service.