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Get Connected With Fixed Wireless

Our premium fixed wireless service is the broadband solution to meet your needs. Learn about getting connected.

How do I get connected and what is the process?

To find out about service availability at your residential property or business premises, you can simply enquire online, or call us on 03 9089 0515 and our Australia-based Customer Service Team will happily assist you. 

Once service availability is confirmed and you have decided which plan you would like to proceed with, an agreement will be issued. Once signed, we conduct a site inspection at your property or premises ahead of installation.

We will create you an account in our system and your own unique connection. On completion of your install, you’ll be ready to connect. All that is left to do is to configure a router (ours or yours), plug it in and play!

How long does it take to connect?

From receiving the signed agreement, our lead time for the complete installation of your fixed wireless link is 2 weeks or less!

When and how do I pay for the service?

The one-off installation fee will be due ahead of installation at your property/business premises. The first monthly fee will be processed on or before the date of installation to ensure your connection is ready to go!

Ongoing, every month an invoice will be issued two weeks ahead of the due date.

You can pay using a credit or debit card, details can be saved securely to your account to allow automatic billing. Alternatively, you can log in to your Customer Portal and pay through the billing function. It is also possible to pay via bank transfer, just select your preferred method. 

What internal hardware is required?

A router is required for a wireless connection, enabling multiple devices to connect. We do not provide this as standard with a fixed wireless connection but recommend the purchase of a model suitable for the premises.

You may wish to engage an IT services company to assist with your internal network set up and maintenance. If you do not have one already, we can recommend you a suitable partner. 

Do I need a technician to attend my property?

Yes, our technician will attend your property to conduct a site inspection ahead of a second site visit to install the equipment and get you connected.


Are there set up fees?

Fixed wireless technology requires the installation of a mast and dish on the roof of the property, from which cabling provides an internal access point. An associated one-off installation fee is charged and varies based on service and contract term.

Is there a contract? 

Our fixed wireless service is available on contract only, which is 24 months as standard. We are, however, happy to be flexible and offer a range of contract lengths for our business-grade connections to suit all needs.  

What are the typical evening speeds I can expect?

At Lightning Broadband we manage our own network, meaning we maintain plan speeds at all times - and that's in addition to the uncontended bandwidth your fixed wireless solution delivers, ensuring you get what you pay for.

Check out our residential fixed wireless pricing here, or enquire now to receive our business brochure.

Can I change my plan?

We are always open to upgrading a service where possible!

Please enquire with our Customer Support Team on 03 9089 0515 or raise a ticket in your Customer Portal to find out if this option is available to you. 

Are there any dangers or health issues associated with the wireless technology used to provide this connection?

Our fixed wireless technology uses microwaves to broadcast the connection from one of our local towers to the property. The term ‘microwave’ simply refers to radio waves within a certain frequency range. Many other commonly used devices also use the microwave spectrum; such as mobile phones, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, satellite TV and radio, and of course, the microwave oven!

Lightning Broadband services are transmitted via a direct point-to-point link in one direction only and meet the required standards set out by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, ensuring we always provide a safe and reliable service.