Super fast speeds

Speeds Up To 1,000 Mbps

Incredibly fast internet plans – up to 1,000 Mbps download & upload!

Unlimited data

No Data Caps - Unlimited

Unlimited data business internet plans and no shaping. No holding you back!

Forget the world wide wait

No NBN? No Problem.

Your business doesn’t need to be located in an NBN connected area.

Lightning fast business broadband plans.

Lightning broadband offers low-latency, lightning fast business internet plans up to 1,000 Mbps for offices, shopping centers, hotels, sporting venues and other commercial premises at competitive pricing.

Our business solutions provide dedicated bandwidth, unlimited data plans, premium support and uncontended symmetrical connections – meaning you’ll have the same upload speed as download rates; a feature crucial to running a business effectively today.

Our low-cost, high quality internet services will help you enhance productivity in your business and open a new world of possibilities for interaction with your Australian and overseas partners and clients. HD video conferencing, lightning fast access to the cloud – it’s all within your grasp and for everyone working in your business.

If streaming video is important to you; you’ll be pleased to know we’re Youtube HD-Verified. Stream 4K (UHD, Ultra HD) video on all plans – without the frustration of constant buffering!

Business broadband internet

End Of Year Sale!

A free speed boost and a 50% discount on the installation fee on Business Fixed Wireless!* For more details:

*subject to availability, valid on a business plan only on a standard 24 months agreement.

Business internet speed comparison

Contention ratios - what you need to know

Most Australian internet users have at some stage suffered from the effects of contention ratio issues. It’s a scenario where an ISP assigns a certain number of customers to a certain amount of bandwidth. It works on the basis that most of those users won’t be online at once and carrying out bandwidth intensive activities. However, when this does happen, speed degrades – sometimes to a crawl. Our commercial customers never experience this as our incredibly fast business broadband plans are based on uncontested internet connections!

Contention ratio - an explanation

Our high speed commercial broadband packages offer:

Leading internet access technology

How do we offer commercial broadband plans as fast or faster than the NBN and other ISP’s; without the NBN? With our own direct fibre and/or hybrid 5G fixed wireless internet + fibre infrastructure. Learn more about our tried and tested technology and what businesses need to know about broadband traffic classes when choosing an internet provider.

Low latency, blistering broadband speeds

The speeds we can offer make some competitors positively sluggish by comparison, with our top business plan delivering 1,000 Mbps upload and download.

Our business internet services are also low-latency; a very important feature for working in the cloud and real-time communications.

NEW! 500/500 Mbps fixed wireless internet

If you don’t require or want direct fibre, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on truly superfast connectivity. Ask us about our new 5G broadband services – 500/500 Mbps millimeter wave fixed wireless business internet connections!

Symmetrical connections

Many commercial broadband plans are asymmetrical – they may offer reasonably fast download speeds; but uploading can be a crawl. This can hamper productivity; particularly if you’re working with cloud hosted applications.

Our business internet plans are based on uncontested symmetrical connections – you’ll benefit from lightning fast upload speeds as well as incredibly quick download rates – all the time.

Truly unlimited data

You’ll never need to be concerned with exceeding quotas – our unlimited broadband plans mean unlimited; and we do not apply shaping (speed reductions) past a certain bandwidth consumption level.

VoIP – Internet Telephony

We can also cover your telephone communications requirements with our VoIP plans and also offer cost-effective business/commercial virtual PABX solutions.

Business broadband plans custom designed for you

Your business is unique, so we’ll design a direct fibre or 5G fixed wireless broadband plan and agreement for your business to suit your commercial goals – and at the best price possible. Pay only for what you need; nothing more and nothing less. Regardless of the internet plan we tailor for your business, you’ll receive all the standard benefits mentioned above – and what we call “standard” is at times a premium service with other ISP companies in Australia.

Best price guarantee

Business broadband plans with solid backing

Premium support

Our internet services are robust and simple to use; but should you ever need assistance, our expert team is based in Australia and only an email or phone call away – and our business customers enjoy priority support.

Superb reliability

An economical high speed broadband solution is of no benefit to a business if it isn’t reliable – that’s why we acquire transit services from a range of tier-1 providers in Australia including Vocus, PIPE, Telstra and AAPT. No corners are cut in our equipment either; it’s all state-of-the-art leading brand components. Ours is a commercial-strength NBN alternative!

Solid SLA’s

We tailor service level agreements to each commercial customer’s needs; guaranteeing you a minimum service level that we will always endeavour to exceed. You can download our standard business SLA from our terms page.

Dedicated equipment

We build commercial connections on a non shared network (Point to Point) that don’t run on the residential sectors. You’ll be running on your own bandwidth and be provided dedicated leading brand equipment, enabling us to provide you with guaranteed bandwidth and uptime. You’ll experience zero contention issues with Lightning Broadband.

Example project

In early October 2017, additional Lightning Broadband commercial projects went live in the Melbourne suburbs of Cremorne (92 Stephenson Street) and Richmond (17 William Street).

Our fixed wireless/radio towers atop these buildings not only provide super-fast and reliable internet access to the businesses below, but also to other commercial enterprises throughout the area that were previously suffering from extremely poor internet connectivity through other ISPs.

Contact us today on 1300 596 426 to learn more about what we can do for your business or commercial development.

Commercial projects - Melbourne