No Dial Tone Or Incoming Calls Not Connecting

If you're experiencing an issue with your VoIP service, here are some handy troubleshooting tips.

  • Check your handset is securely connected - the cable must 'click' into the port to ensure an operational service.
  • Power cycle your router - by that we mean turn it off and on again. If you are a fixed wireless customer, you can also do this with your POE injector (the small box your router is connected to). 
  • Confirm your internet is connected - VoIP operates over the internet so if there is no internet, there will be no phone service. In this case please refer to our Connection Issues FAQ for troubleshooting instructions.
  • Ensure your billing is up to date – services may be suspended if payment is outstanding. You can check this in the Billing function of the Customer Portal. If you need further assistance regarding an outstanding invoice please see our Billing & Payment Basics FAQ or call our Customer Support Team on 03 9089 0515.
  • Did you factory reset your router? – if so, the service-specific configuration will have been removed and your VoIP service will be unavailable until it is correctly restored. Please see our Router Set Up FAQ and our VoIP Set Up FAQ or call our Customer Team on 03 9089 0515 for assistance.

If you have reviewed the above options and are not able to identify the cause of your issues, please call our Customer Support Team on 1800 477 333 or lodge a ticket through the Support function of your Customer Portal