About Lightning Broadband

At Lightning Broadband, we’re proudly Australian-owned, operated and staffed. Ultra-reliable and super-fast internet is our core focus – and our passion.

We hate gimmicks and useless bolt-on services that could distract us from what we do best or confuse and cost you. We despise complex contracts with miles of fine print. What we love is simple – providing insanely fast, unlimited broadband plans and super-reliable connections for Australian homes, businesses and apartment developments.

We evolved out of Lynham Networks; a community-led project born from the frustration of Internet users who were tired of waiting for truly fast and affordable broadband to be made available to more than just a privileged few in Australia.

A successful pilot program of our direct fibre and hybrid 5G fixed wireless internet + fibre broadband technology in Victoria in 2014 resulted in many happy customers who are still using our service today under the Lightning Broadband brand.

About Lightning Broadband

We're rolling out across Australia!

Building on that success and with a highly skilled management team in place, we’re now ready to start rolling out low-latency and blazing-fast Internet access across the country! Read our latest company news.

Where there’s sufficient demand for our service; we’ll endeavour to be there, offering low-cost, uncontended and low contention ratio broadband plans at speeds of up 1,000 Mbps to Australian residences, businesses and residential developers. All our services are based on symmetric connections; meaning you’ll enjoy upload speeds as zippy as download rates.

We have the right technology, including 5G, the right people, the experience and the drive to help bring Australia up to speed with the rest of the world.

We don’t overload our networks, which can result in degraded performance at peak times. As we grow, so to do the world-leading resources we bring on board to ensure an ongoing speedy, stable experience for all our valued customers.

Tired of waiting for the NBN and really, really fast Internet? Sick of flaky ADSL and cable services that don’t provide the bandwidth you need? Frustrated dealing with ISP’s who can’t seem to communicate clearly? Looking for an NBN alternative and truly awesome customer care?

Take the first step towards a fresh new internet connectivity experience. Compare the difference and check to see if Lightning Broadband is available in your area!

If we aren’t, we’ll strive to be in your location very soon – and your registration of interest can help get us there sooner.

Check for Lightning Broadband availability in your area by clicking the button below.

CommCom member

Lightning Broadband is a member of CommCom (Communications Compliance), which is an independent compliance monitoring body established under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code overseeing the TCP Code’s Compliance Framework.

We submit an annual report assessed by CommCom to ensure we are meeting our compliance obligations.

Communications Compliance