Truly Awesome Customer Support

While you won’t need to contact us very often for customer support as our service is so fast and reliable, rest assured in the knowledge that if you do, we’ve got your back.

Whether it’s getting set up quickly to use our services or troubleshooting a complex technical issue you may be experiencing, you’ll have the full attention of one of our local customer care team.

Every Lightning Broadband customer enjoys business-class internet connectivity and services at competitive prices!

Customer care

What sets our customer support apart

Australia Based Customer Care

Unlike most ISP’s, all of our dedicated customer care team are based right here in Australia. Our team know their stuff and will listen carefully to what you are communicating. Rather than try to make your issue fit a solution on a customer support script, they will tailor a solution to address your issue. If a home visit is required to resolve a problem, we’ll send out someone as soon as possible.

Investment, Not An Expense

As ISPs look to deliver bigger profits (shareholders can be a demanding bunch – but we’re privately owned), one of the first aspects of their service to often suffer is customer care. We don’t see providing top-notch support as an expense, rather as an investment. Aside from being the right and ethical thing to do, we believe providing superb support makes good business sense.


Feel a need for more speed? You can increase your speed/plan instantly over the phone – and soon via our new  customer portal

Less Robot, More Human

Don’t you just hate calling a support line and being presented with a complex menu to navigate – and then being put on hold? We do too! That’s why we’re getting rid of such telephone menu systems in order to connect you with a real live person from the outset who can help you faster and get you back to what you need or want to be doing.

Always Striving For Even Better

Lightning Broadband’s support is already great, but we don’t rest on our laurels. We continually strive to further enhance our customer care services, nipping and tucking wherever we  see room for improvement to ensure you always receive truly awesome service.

Keeping You Informed

We don’t keep our customers in the dark when there’s a problem. If there should be an incident on the network, our network status site is rapidly updated with this information.

What some of Lightning Broadband's customers say

“Boris was so helpful and so nice over the phone. He got us set up within 5 minutes and his instructions were so easy to follow. Great customer service!”. Ivana Vasic.

“Best customer service experience around! All staff extremely friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly local.” Kevin Le.

“I appreciate the professional manner in which the technician, Carlos helped us out. I also got a call ahead before he arrived. Excellent service.” Imre Marton

“Great experience with Lightning Broadband, very helpful customer service (not that we had to use it many times) and very rarely had internet issues!” Tara Fritz.

“Service is really good, that’s both internet service and customer service.” Great work! David Shao.

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