When you’re selling 
the dream, it has
to deliver.

Super-fast internet, without the NBN.

Ultra-fast, reliable broadband is a must for today’s commercial and residential developments. At Lightning Broadband, a Statutory Infrastructure Provider, we give you the chance to offer your community a cutting-edge optic fibre FTTP connection that’s some of the fastest internet available in Australia today. What’s more, we’ll usually cover the cost of installation.

Save money on every apartment*.

* Lightning Broadband is a Licensed Telecommunication Carrier and Statutory Infrastructure Provider on the Federal Government’s Telecommunication In New Developments Policy. 

A future-proof solution
that’s costs less to install
than the NBN.

All over the world, optic fibre networks are delivering ultra-fast internet to homes and businesses. Here in Australia, we’ve still got a copper hangover.

At Lightning Broadband we’re rolling out reliable lightning-fast optic FTTP solutions with practically unlimited capacity, delivering some of the fastest internet speeds available in Australia today.

Best of all, we typically cover the installation costs for developers^, working with your design team to create a solution that makes the most of your building.


 ^Typical offer subject to site qualification.


Zero cost setup.

We typically foot the bill for developers and body corporates^, and offer residents a price match promise, putting faster internet within everyone’s reach.

Reliable service.
Less moving parts.

Your dedicated project manager will connect the dots to design, install and deliver on time, with unlimited design changes and no need for multiple parties.

Not just built to last, but future-proof.

Offer up to 1,000Mbps commercial-grade broadband to your residents today, with the potential to ramp up to 10Gbps in future. Premium service and symmetrical speeds will put a smile on their face long after they’ve moved in.

A team you can trust.

A Licensed Telecommunication Carrier and Statutory Infrastructure Provider named in the Federal Government’s Telecommunications in New Developments Policy.

For smarter buildings

We make it easy to connect essential services like CCTV, lifts, FIP, utilities and building portals, boosting your smart building capabilities.

Our standards-based infrastructure can provide network connectivity and internet access for third party connected systems.

Our designers will work with you to provide the network connectivity that supports today’s smart home devices.


Affordable plans for your residents to choose from

All residents  and tenants moving in need to do is to connect their compatible router to the Lightning Broadband wall socket already provisioned, choose their plan and they are set to go.

A wide range of competitively priced internet access plans are available, offering speeds from 25/25 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps - and all with unlimited data.


Success stories

We're proud to play a role in the success of many commercial and residential developments, both new and existing. Discover more about some of the projects Lightning Broadband has been involved in.

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Our capability statement

Learn more about who we are, how we are structured, what Lightning Broadband can do for you and some of the many significant commercial and residential connectivity projects we've been involved with - and the experiences of some of our clients.


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