Internet speed test - check yours.

Test the upload and download speed of your internet connection and check ping and latency. This test is suitable for all connection types (ADSL, cable, fixed wireless, 3G, 4G, 5G, fibre, satellite etc) and users of NBN/non-NBN ISP services.

How does your speed compare to Lightning Broadband?

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About the broadband speed test

This internet speed test tool will show you upload and download speed, latency (ping) and jitter. Ping can be a particularly important performance measurement for gamers to check (a very good ping measurement is anywhere from 0-59 ms).

The server used for testing your broadband connection is located in Melbourne, Australia and is operated by Lightning Broadband.

The platform we’re using is from Ookla, the world’s most popular internet speed testing application provider. It has run over 20 billion tests in Australia and around the world to date!

The broadband speed test works directly via your browser without requiring a Flash plugin and is compatible with handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It will check your internet connection’s ping, download, and upload speeds within around 30 seconds of starting the test, so it’s very fast.

The application operates mainly over TCP testing with a HTTP fallback check for maximum compatibility.

Find out how fast your broadband connection needs to be for various streaming services.

Please note : there are many testing services around the internet and they’ll often give different performance results based on a variety of factors – the method used to check your connection, server location, network status and other conditions.

*Notes on some of the results: Latency is a measure of time delay from one point of a network to another. Jitter is the change in the amount of time it takes for a piece of data to move from a point in a network to another point; i.e the measure of variability in ping over time.