The need for speed

Super-fast home internet

Upload speeds as fast as the download rate! Zip through home online activities.

Fast data access to the cloud

Unlimited broadband plans

Surf, download and stream to your heart’s content. We say unlimited & we mean it!

Forget the world wide wait

An NBN Alternative

No NBN? No problem. Your home doesn’t need to be in an NBN area for our service!

Unlimited high speed home broadband plans.

Using clever fibre and 5G fixed wireless technology, Lightning Broadband brings superfast internet speeds to your home or home office; without the need for an NBN connection.

Experience reliable, ultra fast, low contention and symmetrical home broadband plans backed by truly awesome customer support at a price that will make you smile.

When we say unlimited broadband plans, we really mean unlimited; no caps or quotas of any kind, no additional fees – choose your home internet plan today!

Internet connection for family

Amazing features.

Solid technology, clever engineering

We’re able to provide this NBN alternative to your home through the clever use of fibre or hybrid 5G fixed wireless internet + fibre broadband technology. Learn more about the magic behind Australia’s Lightning Broadband and compare the difference.

Less congestion, low latency internet connection

While the residential broadband plans from all Australian ISPs are contended; i.e.  “up to 80 Mbps”, “Up to 50 Mbps”, etc.; Lightning Broadband prides itself on putting less people on the pipe than others by a country mile; so even residential users benefit from phenomenal internet speeds – perfect for streaming video.

Additionally, our services are low-latency; a crucial feature for a great online gaming experience, video calls and VOIP applications.

REALLY unlimited broadband plans

The faster your internet connection speed is, the more data you’ll use – that’s why all our plans offer unlimited data. And unlimited means unlimited – no penalties, no speed reductions. The highest speed possible, all the time and unlimited data makes for a worry-free online experience.

Symmetrical connection

Upload as fast as you download – our symmetrical connections are one of the aspects that sets us apart from other ISP NBN home internet plans.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) options

Make cheap phone calls over your Lightning Broadband internet connection from just $10 a month extra! Learn more about our internet telephony plans.

You’re not locked in

Most of our home internet plans are non lock-in contracts and are very flexible. You’re free to discontinue the service whenever you choose and to upgrade/downgrade at any time.

Superb support

Our friendly team is based in Australia and just a phone call or email away to assist you with any questions you may have. We want to see you up and running as fast as possible – and to keep you that way. Learn more about our awesome customer care.

Easy installation

Installation is a quick and easy process for our fixed wireless and fibre-to-the building customers.

Check availability in your area.

What is contention and why does it matter?

Contention is a technical term you may have heard in relation to broadband. We liken it to the difference between first class and economy on flights. It’s basically the ratio of active internet users to the amount of available bandwidth resources.  If an ISP tries to assign too many people to a certain amount of bandwidth it can result in a very noticeable degradation of performance. This unfortunately is a common scenario – but not at Lightning Broadband. We assign resources based on maximizing our customers’ internet experience, not our profit margins.

Contention ratio - an explanation

Check your internet speed.