Lightning Broadband home internet

Super fast internet without the dramas.


If you live in a Lightning-enabled home, you could be just moments away from one of Australia’s fastest internet connections, with speeds of up to 1,000Mbps. (Trust us - that's fast.)


High definition.
Not just high hopes.

If other RSPs have left you a little underwhelmed, be ready to get excited again. Using an innovative mix of optic fibre and cutting-edge fixed wireless technology, we’re building a network Australia can really be proud of. And you can experience it too.

Say goodbye to spinning wheels of doom, and embrace a life of ultra-HD as standard.


Fibre and fixed wireless internet


Already installed

Living in a home with Lightning
Broadband already installed?

Stand-alone house

If you live in a stand-alone house, our
fixed-wireless internet solution is for you.

Apartment retrofit

Looking to have Lightning Broadband technology in your apartment building?


Australia's fastest internet

Feel the need

The fastest internet in Australia. That’s our goal. With our own optical fibre network, we’re making the internet communities need, happen.

Price match - no lock-in contract

Wows without gotchas

With a price-match promise and no lock-in contract, you’re free to enjoy superfast internet worry-free. Ask us for full details.

Low contention connections

No fighting with 
the neighbours

With no bandwidth battles and a network that’s performance monitored, you can make the most of a more reliable connection.

Local support

Made local

Aussie ingenuity, technical know-how and a local call centre without all the robots, we put the best of the Melbourne spirit to work nationwide.

Low contention connections

How contention ratios affect you

Contention is a technical term you may have heard in relation to broadband. We liken it to the difference between first class and economy on flights. It’s basically the ratio of active internet users to the amount of available bandwidth resources. If an ISP tries to assign too many people to a certain amount of bandwidth it can result in a very noticeable degradation of performance. This unfortunately is a common scenario – but not at Lightning Broadband. We assign resources based on maximizing our customers’ internet experience, not our profit margins.

Locals we love

As a local business we believe in supporting other local businesses as a shared community.

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Live in a Lightning Broadband installed home?
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