Lightning Broadband Customer Reviews

The following is a small sample of feedback from our many happy customers enjoying the benefits of our super fast unlimited broadband plans.

Please note – Lynham Networks is mentioned in some of our customer reviews – Lightning Broadband launched in 2016 and evolved from the Lynham service – you can learn a little more about our history here.

We’d love to welcome you as one of our valued clients and if we’re not in your area yet, we hope to be there soon. Call us on 1300 596 426  or click here to check availability in your area.

Customer Reviews - Lightning Broadband

Some feedback from our residential customers

High Speed, Low Price

Lynham networks* provides a very high speed service for a low price, and while they might be a small company their service when there are issues is second to none. If there’s a problem, Lynham immediately deals with it. I have been a customer since May 2015 and the service keeps getting better.

Unlike ADSL services, the Lynham offering is unmetered, which is very important in a house of three boys that use YouTube constantly. We used to always be worrying about our data cap at the end of each month, but no longer! And also unlike many ADSL providers, you no longer need to keep your telephone line connected.

Review by Edward Luck

Rock Solid

I called up last Tuesday, had a friendly guy ask a few questions and check for eligibility then made an appointment for a site survey for Thursday… I was surprised by the number of people that came for the site survey and install.

They were very friendly, on time and the install was professional. As for my speeds… they have been rock solid.

Review by Ali Kilickaya

Consistently Fast

I have been using Lightning Broadband for almost a month now and must say that so far my experience has been great. The internet speed has been very good and most importantly consistent.

Review by Prateek G.

Reliable, Great Performance

I have been a happy customer of Lynham Networks* since July 2015. I’ve found the connection to be reliable, with quick responses from Lynham Networks staff when there has been a problem (even though sometimes the problem was with my equipment, not theirs)

As a family we’ve discovered Netflix, and the performance has been great – we’re not having to worry about what else anyone is doing on the internet and we always get the highest picture quality. It’s also great to not have to worry about how much we’re using. I’ve also found that there is no slowdowns during peak times (ie. evenings) which is important to me.

Overall, I’ve been really happy with Lynham and can definitely recommend them to those in the area.

Review by Trevor Harding

Brilliant On All Counts

Just connected today in St Kilda and all within 3 working days from initial contact to installation. Can’t recommend this company highly enough. Fantastic, professional, prompt and friendly service plus awesome speed on everything in the house. Finally have the speeds I’ve seen around the world and have been eternally envious of. Well done guys and thanks.

Review by Lawson M.

* Lightning Broadband evolved from Lynham networks

Some commercial customer reviews

Best And Fastest Internet

I would like to recommend this company and their services as it is the best and fastest internet on the market in our area.

I own LJ Hooker Hampton Park and before I appointed Daniel and his company, all we had with Telstra was issues with our internet and the speeds were terrible.

We always had dropouts and interference as our lines were underground and we are so far from the exchange. We put up with it for over 5 years and we had issues every month.

With this new internet we are so happy and have no issues at all and the speeds are amazing. I can highly recommend this service to everyone.

Review by John Deo

Cannot Recommend Highly Enough

.. I can now say that after almost a year we have had truly excellent service with fantastic backup and support, the line rarely drops and when it does it is only a text or phone call away and the guys at Lynham* have me back up quicker than it takes to get through to an operator at Telstra ~ (special thanks to Daniel personally) .

I cannot recommend them highly enough, I now pay less per month than I did with Telstra after the initial installation and we enjoy NBN speeds with unlimited downloads.

.. My only regret was not jumping ship sooner to Lynham, I could of avoided a lot of pain, cost and time wasted.

Thank you Lynham Networks*, I wish you and your company the greatest success for the future and I have no doubt you will based on my experience.

Review by Tony Knight – Managing Director
This Is My Life

* Lightning Broadband evolved from Lynham Networks