Better broadband for build-to-rent developments

Build-To-Rent is really starting to accelerate in Australia and it’s important for BTR developments to stand out from the pack. A valuable feature BTR developers can integrate into their buildings is truly superfast broadband.

A critical value-add

Amenity is key to BTR project success, and that’s not just about location, location, location. With more Australians working from home offices than ever before, fast and reliable internet connectivity isn’t just a wishlist item but a crucial amenity for attracting the right tenants and keeping them.

For a Build-To-Rent developer, the cost of implementing and maintaining high quality internet connectivity can have a significant impact on a project’s bottom line and create unwanted complexity. The very good news is this critical value-add can be acquired from Lightning Broadband – avoiding the headaches and the cost.

Lightning Broadband vs. the NBN


Lightning Broadband installs its own infrastructure at zero cost, saving BTR developers perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars in connection costs compared to the NBN.

We also maintain and upgrade infrastructure at no cost over the entire life of the project – ours is a future-proofed internet connectivity solution.

Minimal site disruption – we work closely with developers to ensure smooth delivery.

We provide a dedicated manager for your project. Lightning Broadband offers end users very competitively priced unlimited data plans offering speeds up to 1 Gbps – upload as well as download – along with stellar customer support.

As an alternative to Lightning Broadband billing users directly, you can also choose to package internet service into rental rates over all or part of the development.

We can handle absolutely everything, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your project’s construction and ongoing operation.

Additionally, as these are long term partnerships with a focus on being mutually beneficial for their entire duration, we negotiate with BTR developers on how best to share the project economics.


Enterprise-strength Denial of Service (DoS) protection and malware domain awareness is included in all our BTR solutions, along with comprehensive user-level internet access controls.

Lightning Broadband can make free Wi-Fi access available across your development’s common areas.

Building management systems, lighting control, communication requirements for lift and fire panel lines, CCTV and building access control can all be integrated into a connectivity solution.

The Mark making its mark with superfast broadband

Demonstrating our capabilities regardless of project size, among the BTR installations we’ve successfully completed is The Mark in Melbourne where tenants of the 173 apartments will enjoy the fastest broadband speeds in Australia.


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