Apartment broadband retrofit

Apartment building retrofit

Bring the benefits of better broadband to your building without the NBN.

With fast connectivity a must-have these days instead of just a wish-list item, your building's residents and tenants deserve and need a rock-solid internet connection for their increasingly online lives.

Lightning Broadband can deliver such an upgrade for your building, just as we've done for many others.

Retrofit your building with Lightning Broadband.

As part of a retrofit, Lightning Broadband can supply a dedicated carrier level fibre or fixed wireless backhaul (1 Gbps) to your building, exceeding what is typically provisioned to residential and commercial buildings – and with minimal disruption to residents and tenants.


Fixed wireless and/or fibre broadband retrofit

Future-proof broadband for existing buildings


Lightning Broadband couples our outstanding fibre or fixed wireless capacity with an intelligent network design retrofit normally reserved for large scale corporations. This delivers unprecedented speeds and a dependable service to every dwelling / premise in a building, and ensures a reliable next-generation and scalable broadband solution.


Your Lightning Broadband retrofitted building will be closely monitored, ensuring residents and tenants have a stellar connectivity experience on an ongoing basis. We take care of all maintenance and upgrades of our infrastructure over the life of the agreement, as well as support of end users.


Once our infrastructure is in place, connections are instantaneous for new tenants, with a 5-minute sign up process.

All residents/tenants need to do is plug in a compatible router (which we can also supply) into the already installed Lightning Broadband wall socket, select a plan and they are set to go!


We can bill your residents and tenants directly, so there’s nothing you need to do. Alternatively, you can include the costs as part of the overall annual fees charged to owners; the choice is yours.

Key features of the plans we offer in Lightning Broadband enabled buildings:

  • Ultra-fast: up to 1,000 Mbps with capability to go much higher if required.
  • Symmetrical: same upload/download speeds (great for video conferencing, remote workers, gaming).
  • Unlimited data: no limits, no shaping, no excess data fees.
  • Service: unrivalled customer service and technical support.
  • Phone services: ability to add phone services (with rapid provisioning).

View our range of in-building broadband plans.


If you’d like to learn more about Lightning Broadband retrofitting your building with truly superfast broadband connectivity, contact us today on 1800 477 333 or via our contact form.

Apartment internet retrofit

Getting The DUX up to speed.

“The Dux Owners Corporation made the decision to use Lightning Broadband as the internet provider for our building, firstly due to a recommendation from a client who had previous experience with the company and secondly due to realising that mainstream NBN was never going to be available to our building.

Moving forward we decided to make an investment into a provider that was both reliable and cost effective and we found both of these qualities with Lightning Broadband. The process which I thought would be a daunting one due to needing to communicate with and access 34 occupied lots ended up running extremely smoothly.

I wouldn’t have a second thought in recommending Lightning Broadband to others when looking for internet providers that differ from the mainstream.”

– Dux Owners Corporation

Lightning Broadband customer care team

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