Lightning Broadband antennas

The best and safest in transmission technology

We only use the best of the latest in broadband transmission technology on towers we place on buildings to bring reliable and lightning fast fixed wireless internet access to a local are.

Our antennas are positioned on tall buildings such as shopping centres or apartment complexes and rebroadcast our broadband signal in a way to maximise fixed wireless efficiency.

We select our antenna technology just not for robustness and performance, but also with safety in mind in relation to microwave emissions.

Broadband sector antenna

Super-safe broadband transmission

If you’re concerned about microwave emissions from these types of antennas, here’s some points to consider that should put your mind at ease.

A mobile phone tower broadcasts at around 100W and is considered safe for all residential settings.

A mobile phone carried in your pocket can broadcast up to 1W and extensive scientific studies have shown no harmful effects resulting from everyday usage of these handsets.

Lightning Broadband’s equipment broadcasts at a maximum of 0.5W (1/200th of a mobile phone tower).

Our equipment is directional, as opposed to mobile phone towers that are omnidirectional.

Additionally, the directional nature of the transmission ensures broadcasts are kept above roof lines, and do not penetrate buildings to any significant degree.

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Now you can enjoy broadband speeds up to 10x faster* than the NBN.

*Typical speeds on a FTTN connection
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The best and safest in transmission technology

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