Guaranteed On Time Delivery

Our team delivers, designs, and installs projects on time to ensure a timely settlement.

Guaranteed Project Manager

You’ll be given a direct project manager who will work directly with you from start to finish.

Guaranteed Telecom Compliance

We’re government approved & TIND (Telecommunication in New Developments Policy) compliant.

Super Fast Broadband - Zero Cost Setup

High-speed internet is becoming a must-have for both apartment residents and commercial tenants/owners and can help your building stand out from the rest in what is an increasingly crowded market.

Lightning Broadband offers new and existing developments the broadband of tomorrow. Unlike the NBN, there is no setup cost for developers or body corporates.

Through our commercial grade technology and network, you can provide apartment residents and commercial tenants/owners with faster plans than NBN broadband.

View our showcase and case studies page for some of our projects.

Broadband internet access for apartments
Business internet speed comparison

What is contention, and why is it so important?

Contention ratio is calculated on potential maximum demand from users to the actual bandwidth available. High contention ratios increase the chances of a larger number of users using the Internet at any given time; all competing for a set amount of resources. Consequently, speeds can be noticeably slower.

Lightning Broadband works on low contention ratios, helping to ensure apartment residents experience maximum performance at all times from our fibre to the building (FTTB) services.

Contention ratio - an explanation

Our high speed broadband services offer:

Zero cost setup – save thousands

For new BTR and other residential developments in Australia with more than 100 apartments, NBN or equivalent broadband access is mandatory and can be expensive. Setup for the NBN can cost building owners up to $1,000 per apartment.

Whether it’s a new building or older apartment complex and regardless of size, Lightning Broadband will install the necessary equipment needed to access our FTTB service at zero cost – we bill residents accessing the service under our very reasonably priced residential plans.

Lightning speed

Our apartment and body corporate FTTB solutions are low-latency and offer speeds many times faster than that of conventional Australian home broadband plans; with residential plans for individual subscribers available up to 500 mbps. We’re so fast, Lightning Broadband’s service is Youtube HD Verified and streaming bandwidth intensive 4K (UHD, Ultra-HD) video is supported!

Symmetric connections

Unlike NBN plans, upload speeds with Lightning Broadband are as fast as downloading – meaning your residents and tenants can make video calls, engage in online conferencing, gaming and other activities requiring high-speed, low-latency and reliable two-way connections.

Unlimited data

Forget about quotas and never worry about data caps or exorbitant excess usage fees again. Your  apartment building’s residents will be able to surf, shop, create, communicate to their heart’s content with our unlimited data plans.

The best broadband deals

Lightning Broadband is priced to be a hit with Australian apartment owners and tenants; offering real value for money and without the useless gimmicks that add to the cost of plans offered by other ISP’s. Our FTTB service is a very economical NBN alternative.

Superb support

We monitor our FTTB services closely to help ensure they are operating at peak efficiency. But in the unlikely event of difficulties, our friendly Australia-based team are available to help apartment residents quickly get back on track and back to doing what they need to do online.

Happy residents

“Lightning Broadband has been a great internet provider for all the residents in our building. Speed has always been exceptional, and support and customer service has been great.” – Neil, OC Committee Member, Ascent Apartments St. Kilda

Apartment broadband case studies

Ascent – St. Kilda

Broadband case study St. Kilda
Ascent St. Kilda in Melbourne not only offers residents elegant apartments and stunning views, it now also provides incredibly fast internet connectivity. Read more.

Atherton & Atkinson – Oakleigh

Broadband case study Oakleigh
The super-fast internet access installed in this Melbourne apartment development offers connectivity benefits to surrounding homes and businesses. Read more.

View more projects on our apartment building showcase page.

NBN not required


Many mid-to-high rise apartment developments recently constructed in Australia may only have access to ADSL 2+ internet services, not FTTB.

The need for speed


High speed broadband is on wish lists of many apartment tenants & buyers. Implementing our service will make your building even more attractive.

Apartments - Fast Internet


We can install or retrofit buildings fuss-free & at zero cost to the building owner; bringing the building up to speed with world class Internet access.

How to harness Lightning Broadband in your building

  1. Contact us and we’ll provide you with an overview of our FTTB services and discuss your needs
  2. We’ll send out a technician to inspect your building or plans
  3. We’ll provide you with a detailed proposal and contract
  4. The necessary equipment will be installed and tested – at no cost to you
  5. Access points will be installed in apartments, again at no cost.
  6. Your building’s residents will then be cruising the web at lightning speed!
  7. We bill participating residents directly – very affordable broadband plans!

All this can be performed with minimal disruption to you and apartment building’s tenants!