Lightning Broadband Delivers Internet Connectivity Via Crane

Where there's a will, there's a way. Demonstrating how flexible fixed wireless internet can be, Melbourne ISP Lightning Broadband has set up a temporary connection to a building site using a construction crane as a receiver tower.

Internet via crane Can you spot the broadband receiver in this image?

The installation is for the site office of a development at Abbotsford in Melbourne, Victoria called "Habitat". The developer, Tripet, is building a 5-storey residential complex consisting of 38 residences. But while construction is under way, the site office also required internet access - and that's where Lightning Broadband stepped in to assist.

Broadband receiver

While not achieving the breakneck speeds other Lightning Broadband customers enjoy via the company's conventional towers, it has enabled the team the access it needs to work effectively. There are plans to shift the antenna up higher to further boost speed.

It only took Lightning Broadband a day to get the connection via crane up and running.

"This is one of the big advantages of fixed wireless internet", says Lightning Broadband CEO Jeremy Rich. "As it is an over-the-air method of delivery, there are fewer logistical challenges in relation to installation compared to fixed line connections, and it's very quick and economical to roll out."

Once construction of Habitat is complete, Lightning Broadband will be supplying internet connectivity services to tenants of the new building. Habitat's residents will be able to select from a range of plans offering speeds of up to blistering 500 Mbps - upload and download. Of course, the receiver to be used for the building will not be attached to a crane.

Habitat will join the rapidly growing portfolio of Lightning Broadband enabled residential buildings across Melbourne. The company offers a zero-cost installation solution to developers and owners of new buildings, and will also retrofit existing buildings at no cost and with minimal disruption.

A Win-Win-Win Arrangement

The arrangement is win-win situation for all involved. The developer/owner adds value to their building and attracts tenants without spending a cent, residents get access to speedy, reliable internet and Lightning Broadband further builds its base of happy customers.

Developers and building owners interested in learning more about Lightning Broadband's services can find more information here or contact the company on 1300 596 426.

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