Melbourne Businesses Boosted By Better Broadband

As Lightning Broadband's fixed wireless internet technology spreads throughout Melbourne, more businesses are discovering its benefits and making the switch.

Lightning Broadband - Business Internet Connectivity

Slow, unreliable broadband costs Australian businesses dearly in a number of ways, with the most serious impacts relating to lost productivity and missed opportunities.

Today's online applications can be particularly bandwidth intensive, meaning fast, reliable connectivity and unlimited data are critical for effectively working with suppliers, contractors, collaborators, off-site staff and clients.

Lightning Broadband stormed onto the Melbourne scene as a cost-effective NBN alternative a couple of years ago. One of the company's notable successes to date was addressing a notorious internet black spot in Cremorne.

"Many commercial enterprises in this area had been suffering poor connectivity from various ISPs, so the arrival of our service was warmly welcomed by local businesses,” said Lightning Broadband CEO Jeremy Rich.

Buffering Begone, Unlimited Data

In addition to the blistering fast speeds and unlimited data offered by the company on its custom commercial wireless broadband plans (all the way up to 500Mbps upload and download rates), the service is also very low latency. Latency is the measure of time delay from one point of a network to another.

Lightning Broadband's business solution provides very high degree of reliability and the company has low contention ratios in place. This means that once a certain number of customers have subscribed in an area, no more are added until the local service is upgraded; ensuring high speeds are sustained for existing customers at peak times.

Mr. Rich says that while a 500Mbps option can be provided, he has found Lightning Broadband's 100/100Mbps unlimited data plan to be more than sufficient for commercial needs in most scenarios. He recommends businesses gauge their current speed using Lightning Broadband's speed test (powered by industry-leader Ookla) to get an idea of the improvement they could experience.

"The positive difference for businesses switching to the service can be quite astounding and help give them an edge over their competition" says Mr. Rich. "More can get done in less time, which is good for the bottom line and great for staff who no longer have to battle buffering and other annoyances."

As well as internet connectivity, Lightning Broadband also provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services and virtual PABX solutions.

How Does The Technology Work?

Lightning Broadband installs a fibre link to a tall building in an area, which is then connected via specialised communications equipment to a receiver and transmitter mounted on a tower on that building's rooftop. The signal is then re-broadcast from the building to small fixed wireless internet receivers mounted on the rooftops of commercial customers' premises in the broadcast area. A cable is run through the roof of these premises and down to a wall plate that provides a connection to a compatible router.

How wireless broadband works

Rapid, Hassle-Free Installation

Given the over-the-air nature of fixed wireless, there are fewer logistical issues for the physical installation than some other commercial connectivity solutions, with Lightning Broadband's experts able install the equipment required with minimal disruption.

Currently the company is delivering its cost-effective superfast commercial wireless internet connectivity in all or parts of the following areas of Melbourne:

Melbourne Inner City:

  • Abbotsford
  • Albert Park
  • Balaclava
  • Brighton
  • Caulfield
  • Caulfield North
  • Caulfield South
  • Collingwood
  • Cremorne
  • East Melbourne
  • Elsternwick
  • Elwood
  • Fitzroy
  • Hawthorn
  • Melbourne CBD
  • Middle Park
  • North Melbourne
  • Prahran
  • Richmond
  • Ripponlea
  • South Melbourne
  • South Yarra
  • Southbank
  • St Kilda
  • St Kilda West
  • Toorak
  • West Melbourne
  • Windsor

South Eastern Suburbs:

  • Cranbourne
  • Cranbourne North
  • Cranbourne West
  • Dandenong South
  • Hallam
  • Hampton Park
  • Huntingdale
  • Lynbrook
  • Lyndhurst
  • Oakleigh
  • Oakleigh South
  • Bentleigh East
  • Chadstone
  • Carnegie
  • Cheltenham
  • Murrumbeena

More locations will be added in Melbourne in the near future and the company still has its sights set on expanding to other capital cities.

Find Out More

Melbourne businesses in the above areas interested in learning more about Lightning Broadband's commercial internet connectivity solutions can learn more here, or contact the company on 1300 596 426.

Posted: 9 Apr 2018

Say hello to the high-speed internet Australia deserves

Now you can enjoy broadband speeds up to 10x faster* than the NBN.

*Typical speeds on a FTTN connection
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