From Oy Vey To Hooray - Superfast Broadband For St. Kilda Synagogue

A Jewish synagogue in the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda subjected to sluggish internet connectivity is about to get a fast broadband makeover.

Fixed wireless internet - Melbourne

St. Kilda Hebrew Congregation Rabbi Ronnie Figdor recently announced a communications partnership with local ISP Lightning Broadband, a non-NBN provider offering superfast fibre and hybrid fibre/fixed wireless internet services.

Rabbi Figdor said the service currently being provided by another ISP was slow at best and the connection unusable on occasions.

“Although it has a 20 Mbps download, it rarely downloaded at much more than half of that”, he stated. “The upload rarely hit 1Mbps and when the Shule uploaded the weekly video, our internet came to a grinding halt for the hour.”

Those problems will soon be over. Lightning Broadband will supply the synagogue with an asymmetrical 50Mbps service, meaning upload and download speeds of 50 megabits per second. The rabbi and congregation won't have long to wait as the dish that will pick up the service has already been installed.

Fixed wireless internet involves a fibre-optic cable being run to a transmission tower (usually installed on top of a building) and the signal beamed from the tower to antennas or dishes on the rooftops of customer homes and buildings in a local area.

Fixed wireless internet has come a long way over the years. Not only is it as fast as wired connections these days, but reliability is now also far better today; assuming correct implementation.

From homes and apartment buildings to internet black spots in Melbourne's business areas, Lightning Broadband has rapidly carved itself a niche in providing services to Melbournians within its coverage area who are unable to access the NBN, have grown tired of waiting for it - or those who simply want an NBN alternative.

Lightning Broadband recently brought another five apartment buildins in Melbourne into its network, propelling its apartment building tally into double digits in just over a year. Aside from the blistering fast speed building owners can supply residents, a very attractive aspect of Lightning Broadband for developers is the zero-cost outlay.

Now with a solid foothold in Melbourne, Lightning Broadband CEO Jeremy Rich has set his sights on expanding the service.

"We've done the hard yards and now it's time for Lightning Broadband to really spread its wings," said Mr. Rich.

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Posted: 20 Jan 2018

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