Lightning Broadband’s Project Pipeline Numbers Pop

Lightning Broadband’s Project Pipeline Numbers Pop

It all started with a single tower in Lynbrook, Victoria. The Lightning Broadband of three years on has amassed an impressive portfolio of significant projects – with dozens more in the pipeline.

Lightning Broadband project pipeline

Given the success of that first tower (which was recently upgraded) and accompanying wireless broadband pilot program, it wasn’t on its own for long. 44 Lightning Broadband towers have sprung up across Melbourne‚Äôs inner and south-eastern suburbs to date.

Some of these towers have been installed atop apartment developments, beaming super-fast connectivity to homes and businesses within line of sight – and without the NBN. But the buildings don’t just serve as tower platforms for the company. Lightning Broadband has a special focus on delivering blistering fast and reliable internet access to those who live and work inside these buildings.

Currently Lightning Broadband has 21 completed Fibre-To-The-Building (FTTB) apartment projects in its portfolio, and at last count 38 more in its pipeline. Upcoming projects on the board cover 2,248 apartments and 52 businesses. Among the developments is the ISPs biggest project yet, Oros+ in Oakleigh, Victoria (348 residences + retail premises) and also includes Lightning’s first forays into Sydney and Geelong.

“We’re entering a particularly exciting phase of Lightning Broadband’s evolution,” says CEO Jeremy Rich. “Melbourne has been our focus over the last three years and we’re very much looking forward to moving into Geelong and Sydney this year; with Perth and Brisbane in our sights for 2020.”

It’s not surprising the company’s apartment building broadband solutions have been so popular with developers and building owners. The developer/owner pays nothing for equipment installation and maintenance, while residents/tenants gain access to broadband speeds of up to 500Mps – upload and download – and with no data caps. As for Lightning Broadband, it’s able to rapidly expand its customer base.

Installation of Lightning’s infrastructure involves minimal disruption to construction activities or to residents in the case where an existing building is being retrofitted.

The last 3 years haven’t been without their challenges, but it’s those challenges that have enabled the company to continually refine its model and operations – with the future for Lightning Broadband and its clients looking very bright indeed.

Developers and building owners wishing to learn more about the company’s services can contact the Lightning Broadband team on 1300 596 426 or via this contact form.

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