West Melbourne Residents Tapping Into Speedy Internet

While people living in West Melbourne won't be seeing the NBN anytime soon, a group of residents in the suburb will have access to super-fast internet from late next month.

Residents of Flagstaff Place, Dudley Street, will be cruising the web at much higher speeds than their neighbours thanks to a Lightning Broadband project. They'll also enjoy unlimited data, enabling them to stream movies via services such as Netflix and engage in other online activities to their heart's content.

Fast broadband in West Melbourne

Lightning Broadband uses a fibre/wireless technology mix to bring reliable, high-speed internet access to areas such as West Melbourne where the NBN hasn't reached - or may ever do. Additionally, the service offers upload speeds as fast as download rates.

The company will be installing a small radio antenna on the roof of the West Melbourne building that will be used to provide connectivity to any apartment owners who opt for it. The installation of the antenna, plus associated switching equipment beneath the rooftop, is expected to take place in the second week of November.

Flagstaff Place joins a number of other apartment buildings in Melbourne's suburbs choosing Lightning's internet connectivity technology, including Atherton & Atkinson in Oakleigh and Ascent, St. Kilda.

In the cases of the St. Kilda and Oakleigh installations, it's not just the apartment residents benefiting. Most homes and businesses in both suburbs now have Lightning Broadband coverage as a result of the projects; with access to plans offering up to a blistering 1,000 Mbps upload/download.

"This is one of the many positive aspects of our technology," says Lightning Broadband CEO, Jeremy Rich. "As apartment buildings are usually quite high, this gives us the opportunity to expand services beyond the building through the use of broadband transmission antennas and consequently provide coverage over quite a large area."

Another attractive benefit for building owners and body corporates is the initial fit-out cost; which can be zero.

"It's a great way for apartment developers to make their buildings stand apart from the pack in what is a very competitive market - adding real value with zero outlay".

In the case of the West Melbourne project, the building's body corporate chose to pay for the fit-out, but with residents receiving free installation/activation.

Apartment owners will also benefit from the extra value fast broadband access will add to their premises should they decide to sell.

Whether a building is under construction or it's a retrofit, Lightning Broadband's services can be implemented rapidly and with minimal disruption.

Body corporates and developers can contact Lightning's team here, via hello@lightningbroadband.com.au or on 1300 596 426 for further information.

Posted: 16 Oct 2016

Say hello to the high-speed internet Australia deserves

Now you can enjoy broadband speeds up to 10x faster* than the NBN.

*Typical speeds on a FTTN connection
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